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McDavid 429 Knee Brace Review

What if I were to tell you the McDavid 429 brace was one of the best purchases I have made in the last 13 years? I know what you are thinking, that sounds like a ridiculous statement. However, when you have had four knee surgeries, two of which were major reconstructive surgeries, and I no […]

Srixon 765 Driver Review

What’s that shiny black object flying at supersonic speeds and launching missiles through the clear blue sky? It’s not the sleek body of a stealth fighter but the Z Series 765 Driver by Srixon. The combination of the power wave sole, stretch-flex cup face and new lightweight crown paired with the Project X HZRDUS black […]

Srixon 765 Irons Review

What’s forged perfection that’s handcrafted from Japan and has officially replaced my Mizuno MP64’s from my golf bag? It’s the Srixon 765 irons, which are some of the best feeling irons I have ever hit in my life. Since I received these irons in the mail I have put them through the ringer. We are […]

iFitGolf the Ultimate Golf Fitting Experience

Shop Small Businesses Imagine walking into a sporting goods store looking for the latest driver on the market. A 17-year-old kid walks over from the baseball section when he sees you rummaging through clubs and wants to add to his sales total for the day. He sets you up with a stiff shaft when realistically […]

PRO Jym Vanilla Protein Crepes

Nothing is better than really really thin pancakes. So get ready to say “I Love Crepes” especially packed with protein. All you need is the following ingredients thrown into a blender. Pour 1/3 of a cup of batter and swirl in pan with some cooking spray. Cook until light golden brown and flip to other […]

Pro JYM Protein Vanilla Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes especially protein pancakes when eating first thing in the morning. Here is my favorite way on making them with the best protein powder on the planet Pro JYM by Jim Stoppani. I just throw all these ingredients together in a Magic Bullet (best tool ever) and throw it on a pan with […]

Pro JYM Protein Chocolate French Toast

Start your New Year with a protein packed French Toast with Pro JYM protein powder. So avoid a trip to your local diner, save some money and get some gains. Recipe Ingredients – 1 Scoop Pro Jym Cookie Crunch Protein Powder – 2 Whole Eggs, 1 Egg White – 1/2 cup Whole Milk – Dash […]

Pro JYM Cookie Crunch Mocha

Ditch the Starbucks mocha and go for a better option with Jim Stoppani’s ProJym protein powder. The best part it will save you 4 bucks and a 20 minute wait in the drive thru. Recipe Ingredients – 1 Scoop Pro Jym Cookie Crunch Protein Powder – 2 cups of black coffee – 1/2 cup whole […]

Pro JYM Cookie Crunch Coconut Almond Pudding

I have been a huge fan of Jim Stoppani’s JYM products for awhile especially his new protein powders which are Vanilla, Smores and Chocolate Cookie Crunch. Here is one of my favorite snacks I make in the mornings and bring to work.  It is a twist on the flavors you would find in an Almond […]

Plum Quick Racing Sets New Record With Fastest Golf Cart

So these guys have taken “Removing the Governor” to a whole new level with this golf cart fitted with a Top Flight bag. “Plum Quick Racing at Darlington Dragway, SC. Drag racing a 90% stock Club Car Golf Cart to reset the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Golf Cart”. We hold the current GWR record […]