Srixon 765 Driver

Srixon 765 Driver Review

What’s that shiny black object flying at supersonic speeds and launching missiles through the clear blue sky? It’s not the sleek body of a stealth fighter but the Z Series 765 Driver by Srixon. The combination of the power wave sole, stretch-flex cup face and new lightweight crown paired with the Project X HZRDUS black shaft makes it a lethal combination for any golf course. Pair it with their new Z Star XV golf balls and it will officially take your game to a whole new level.

Srixon has launched what I believe is not only one of the best performing drivers I have played but one of the best looking clubs on the market. This Srixon Z765 driver went through the utmost precision down to every detail from the colorways to their performance features that sets this driver apart from all the others on the market. I like to call this driver War Machine since it’s so good that I bet Colonel Rhodes games this beast.

While testing this driver on the range to playing the first round I was blown away by the performance. The first time I took it to the range and sent a few balls out the back of the driving range, I knew this club was different. After suffering a rotator cuff tear earlier last year, causing me to miss out on a lot of golf from pain and surgery, this made everything better by knowing I still had my swing. Even better was the 765 driver made explosive distance easy to achieve but this thing is so damn accurate it’s silly. I was able to take lines on the course that you can only do when you have complete confidence in your club and your abilities.

This driver will allow you to take the most aggressive lines that most players think would be crazy and too risky of a decision. However, this is the Z765 and you can do extraordinary things like hitting drives that need to carry a hazard over 300 yards. This allows an approach shot with a wedge compared to a mid-iron.

My overall impression of this driver is that it’s a masterpiece, and I believe it will help me hit more fairways off the tee like when I was injury free and shooting scratch golf. Being able to hit long drives that are exactly where you want is crucial. This allows you to hit shorter clubs into greens that produce more birdie opportunities every round. Now hit up your local golf shop and get fitted for your own War Machine to destroy all the other drivers on the course.

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