Srixon 765

Srixon 765 Irons Review

What’s forged perfection that’s handcrafted from Japan and has officially replaced my Mizuno MP64’s from my golf bag? It’s the Srixon 765 irons, which are some of the best feeling irons I have ever hit in my life. Since I received these irons in the mail I have put them through the ringer. We are talking hitting these every day for the past few weeks with multiple rounds and range sessions at lunch.

After tearing my rotator cuff in January and being laid up for most the year dealing with injuries, these irons have been one of the brightest moments for me.

Right out of the box these irons were already a winner with shining bright chrome and clean lines of the muscle cavities. The masters at Srixon have manufactured what I believe to be the best iron to hit the market in the last few years. The thin topline makes it look like a blade without any unnecessary thickness to the width of this iron. It’s a perfect example of top notch R&D and keen eye for artistic design. I wouldn’t change anything about the look of these beauties.

Where these clubs really shine is in their top-of-the-line performance. How would you like an iron that combines deadly accuracy with more distance, playability and will shave strokes off your rounds? You are in luck because they are available right now. After playing these for weeks, I have been able to move the ball any direction and with some of the tightest dispersion I have ever had in my golf career. Even better is the penetrating ball flight these irons create has allowed for pin hunting with no fear to go after any flag on the course.

When hitting these irons onto greens, I have never seen this kind of performance that lets me easily dictate distance and spin control. This is key when finding a perfect iron for your game, and has given me the ability to hit these farther than my Mizuno’s, which I thought would never leave my bag. This added distance from the Srixon 765 irons give me the opportunity to hit a higher lofted club to dial in the tightest approach shots.

Overall I believe Srixon has created a gem especially for players like myself that love the feel of a blade but the forgiveness of the muscle cavity. Lower handicap players wanting more performance in their game should definitely take a look at these irons. The 765’s are magic, and I am already seeing what these monsters are made of, and I believe this is the missing key to my golf game on finally shooting the best scores of my life after all the injuries my body has endured.

My Srixon 765 irons are 3-PW with 1” extensions and Project X 6.5 shafts. When looking to purchase your Srixon’s, make sure you find an authorized dealer and get fitted properly because I know how good they will be for you when you become the envy of all your friends this golf season.


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