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Imagine walking into a sporting goods store looking for the latest driver on the market. A 17-year-old kid walks over from the baseball section when he sees you rummaging through clubs and wants to add to his sales total for the day. He sets you up with a stiff shaft when realistically you should be playing a regular or x-stiff depending on your swing. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people fall into this old trap of shopping at the big box stores since they think, “I can get a hell of a deal on a golf club.”

The problem with this mentality is that the majority of the time you will find is the staff not only lacks knowledge of proper golf fitting but needs to sell all their product “off the rack”. However, we all know is the wrong approach when selling golf clubs because one product doesn’t fit all. That’s why you need to seek experts that want to see you play better golf.

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This held true when I recently had the great opportunity to get properly fitted for my Mizuno MP-64 irons at iFitGolf in Folsom, California.

iFitGolf is a small business that has dedicated golf fitting experts that are some of the best in the business compared to other experiences I have had in the past. The owner, Bobby Siravo, and his highly-trained staff utilize expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology to make sure you have the best setup customized to your unique swing.

Let the Fitting Begin

The Mizuno MP-64’s are still my irons of choice even though they were launched in 2013. The feel of these irons are second to none and performance has been great but I always believed they could be better. Since I injured my Achilles heel, the past few years I have had missed opportunities with hitting greens in regulation. I had KBS Tour shafts installed when I first received these irons but my high swing speed needed a better fit.

That’s when I decided to take the 45 minute drive from Rocklin to Folsom past all the big box golf stores to the real experts in the Sacramento area. It was worth every cent.

I began my fitting process by discussing with iFitGolf the problems I had experienced with my clubs and started hitting my 6 iron in the Trackman hitting bay. After 15 shots, I checked the dispersion of errant shots I would typically see in a round. Immediately they were able to diagnose my situation, and I began hitting a variety of shaft choices that would complement my swing.

Finally after testing they were able to narrow it down to a Project X when I started hitting the 6.0 consistently down the line with excellent launch angle and spin rates. But they didn’t stop there. Matt Hollinsead believed the 6.5 would actually be the perfect fit and took the time to hunt down that shaft in the store to make sure it would be exactly what I needed. He was right. I ended up hitting 10 shots with a 7 iron, all of them dead straight at 200 yards. Now that is consistency I can live with in the future, which in turn will translate into playing better golf.

So now that you have decided to take your golf game to the next level and get properly fitted, remember to shop small business that have experts that will make you play better and shoot lower scores today. If you live in the Sacramento, California area I highly suggest stopping by iFitgolf and see what they can do for your game.

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