588 Custom

Product Review: Cleveland 588 Custom Driver

It’s time to take your driving game to another level. Imagine yourself finding a magical lamp with a genie that will give you three wishes: You want a badass-looking driver that feels amazing and hits massively long drives like Keegan Bradley. Cleveland Golf has granted your wish with its newest addition to the CG family with the 588 Custom driver.

Cleveland’s new driver has taken everything we all loved from the Classic XL Custom and enhanced it to give you an even better driver. Now come with me on this magic carpet ride through the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver review.

I tested the Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver in a 9.0 loft with the Fubuki K Series shaft in a X-Stiff.

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Product Details:

Our most complete driver is the longest we’ve ever made and can be easily customized to fit every performance demand off the tee. Precision Adjustability helps create a high, penetrating flight for game-improvement to advanced players.

588 Custom


– Largest Sweet Spot

Our latest enhanced variable face thickness technology creates the hottest flight on center strikes and even faster ball speed on off-center hits for maximum forgiveness.

– Optimal Center of Gravity

Advanced wall construction allows more weight to be positioned lower in the club head for a high, penetrating flight.

– Precision Adjustability

An adjustable hosel offers 12 different settings to precisely tune loft, lie and face angle – loft and lie have a total range of 3°, while face angle has a total range of 4.5°. The back of the sole has an adjustable weight screw to optimize swingweight.

– All Around Design

Based on exhaustive testing and tour validation, this 460cc titanium head offers the greatest combination of distance, forgiveness and accuracy in any driver we’ve ever made. It’s ready for whenever you want to launch it, control it, or work it.

Product Review:

Look 10/10:

It’s here… The newest driver Cleveland Golf has released and it’s something even Batman would be gaming with its slick jet black paint job with carbon fiber hints on the sole of the 588 Custom Driver. CG has kept their gold accents with the black colorway just like last year’s Classic XL custom but even improved it to look even more badass. They have stayed with what I believe is the best looking driver of 2014.

With two different loft options of 9 and 10.5 with 12 different options to tune loft, lie and face angle is all one needs to murder golf balls. Players will also have the option of a 3, 7 and 11 gram swing weights to dial in their driver even further than the hosel adjustment.

The biggest change from the Classic Custom XL and the 588 Custom Driver is the new head cover. They have gone with a better looking cover compared to last year’s driver. The biggest issue I found with the Custom XL was hard to keep the head cover from falling off. They fixed this issue by making a home run of a head cover that will give you that statement in your bag that tells your competition to be ready to play their 2nd shot first on every hole. I give the overall look a 10/10.

588 Custom

Feel 10/10:

The 588 Custom Driver has taken acoustics of their newest premium driver to an even higher level than last year’s model. When you have a solid hit with this driver, everyone around will know the drive has been bombed. It’s one of those sounds that will definitely make a statement.

When I first got this driver, I took it right to the range and was a little unsure if it would be as great as the Classic XL Custom that I played with last season. I started off with the 3 gram weight that is made for maximum distance. Knowing that distance isn’t an issue with my game, but wanting to increase my accuracy, I swapped out the swing weight for the 7 gram. This small tweak made the biggest difference for my game. It allowed me to make this driver not only long but deadly accurate and it feels amazing in my hands.

Not only does it feel amazing, it took everything I loved from the Classic XL and IMPROVED it in the feel category. With the improvements since last year I give the overall feel of the 588 Custom a 10/10.

Distance 10/10:photo

Cleveland Golf has delivered a driver that has taken distance to another level of craziness. Since gaming this driver, I have seen some of the longest and most consistent drives in my life. Not only have I had to apologize multiple times to groups ahead of me after mashing it into them over 300 yards out, the 588 has delivered real results while doing Ernst Sports ES12 testing. As the Michael Smith show on ESPN says, “Numbers Never Lie”, the 588 Driver proves it’s one of the best.

Just looking at the data I have collected and seen on the course, I believe we have a winner on the market. If you have a lower swing speed, CG also offers the 588 Altitude Driver to help you deliver punishing drives like the big boys on tour. I challenge you to go into your local shop, put this driver in your bag and play my favorite game of hitting it past everyone with a Taylormade Driver. I give the overall distance a 10/10.

Adjustability/Workability 8/10:ES 12

No need to get an encyclopedia on how to adjust your new driver when purchasing the 588 Custom Driver. They made it simple. First choose your loft of 9 or 10.5, second grab the CG wrench and adjust your settings from one of 12 and finally pick what swing weight best fits your needs. There is no need to have a million settings that most players will never even know how to use or won’t actually help their overall game. Cleveland made it simple for any user to understand, which is great to see that the R&D department at CG is paying attention to golfers. I personally like to leave my driver in the Neutral setting because that’s how I like to setup my driver but players can tweak to their hearts desire.

Only thing I would like to see in the future from Cleveland in their premium driver is to have a few more loft options like the Nike Covert.

Again the workability of the new 588 Driver just like last year’s Classic XL Custom is on point. The last round I played with the 588 I felt like I couldn’t miss a fairway, which is a great feeling for anyone playing golf. I give the overall adjustability/workability rating an 8/10.

Overall Rating 38/40:

“Boom goes the dynamite,” should be the tagline for this driver. All you need to do is step up to the tee. Get your Srixon Z-Star XV ready to go and fire away. Next thing you know, you will be apologizing to the group ahead from sending in a rocket from a mile away. So if you are still undecided on what driver to play this season take my word and give Cleveland’s newest 588 Driver a shot. I promise you will not be upset. So find a Cleveland Dealer near you and try it yourself.  Don’t forget to FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER and LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK.


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Journey To Better

My Srixon #JourneyToBetter


Journey To Better

Our mission is to make you better. One shot, one round, one weekend at a time. We can’t promise it will be overnight. No one can. But we can say we’ll be there. With meaningful innovations that start in the lab, not the marketing department. We’re here to play, to challenge, to compete at the highest level. We are here for the journey, the journey to better.

The previous statement is so simple but speaks the truth of the game of golf. Srixon golf has created a campaign called the #JourneyToBetter. The 4 video series featuring Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley, Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano and J.B. Holmes.

Most people think hey it’s just another way for them to sell more golf balls. (Btw. The Srixon Z-Star XV is probably one of the best balls I have ever played). However watching the first two videos released for Graeme and Keegan are actually pretty damn inspirational. The drive these players have burning inside to become better is probably the feeling we all have in life. We want to be our best and will do whatever we can to succeed.

The video I can’t get over watching is Graeme McDowell’s #JourneyToBetter. His words are so true and honest it hits home on how I feel about the game of golf. Playing competitive golf my whole life as a junior, high school, college and as an adult I have always been meticulous about getting my bag ready before every round.  Seeing Graeme do the same gives me a huge smile thinking I am not the only one that feels they need to do this to feel prepared.

On top of just putting his golf bag together I am a huge proponent for walking instead of taking the cart when playing golf. Nothing in my mind is better then having that time between shots to think and have enjoy being out even if its the worst round in the world. I use to blow up mentally in a round when it started to go sour even resorting to seeing how far I could throw my clubs after a bad shot. Until finally maturing and growing up I decided my #JourneyToBetter needed to start be being mentally tough and promising to wipe my mind of a bad shot and move on and recover. This process of focus in golf has transferred into life in everything from work to fitness.

Golf isn’t just a game but an amazing thing that teaches you life lessons without even thinking about it. There will be tough times and just as in golf you need to dig deep within yourself to rebound and keep moving forward.

I believe everyone can benefit to setting a path to better on anything you want to achieve in this world. So don’t just look at these Srixon videos as commercials but a way to recognize your goals and go do anything you want in life. Now grab your gear, head out to the range and start your #JourneyToBetter.

My #JourneyToBetter is to eliminate the errant drive, improve my iron play and eliminate 3 putts completely.

Now sit back, grab your popcorn and watch this Graeme McDowell video 10 times and try to not get chills.

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Srixon Journey To Better – GMAC (Extended Version) from Srixon Golf on Vimeo.