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Product Review: Nike VR S Covert 2.0 Tour Driver

What’s that sound? I think it could be the sound of a rocket taking off or an F-22 Raptor going in for a kill? Actually it’s the Nike VR S Covert Tour 2.0 driver blasting missiles all over the course. Nike has taken the Covert driver and elevated it with modifications to their past model.

The Nike Covert Tour model was redesigned to deliver even more speed to give any player who played last year’s model even more blinding distance. So get strapped in and prepare for lift off because Nike is bringing the G-Forces.

I tested the Nike Covert Tour 2.0 driver with the stock Kuro Kage X-Stiff shaft.VRS Covert

Product Details:

The Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Tour Driver features an enhanced cavity back design with new Fly-Brace technology to deliver faster ball speed and greater forgiving distance with every shot.

Longer Shots

The Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 improves on its predecessor with a reengineered High Speed Cavity Back design for increased distance and more stability. With all-new Fly-Brace technology, the rear portion of the club is reinforced so that more energy is transferred to the face at impact. The result: even greater ball speed and up to six yards of distance gain compared to the previous model.


The FlexLoft adjustability system allows you to customize your loft and face angle positions independently of each other to optimize launch and spin conditions for maximum distance and accuracy. This simple pull, turn, push-and-tighten system offers loft and face angle positions for 15 drivers in one club to meet the demands of your game.

More Speed

The 15-percent larger NexCOR face incorporates variable face thickness for a faster, hotter face and, subsequently, more ball speed at impact.

More Benefits

  • Head adjustable from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees of loft and three face angle positionsVR_S_COVERT_2_TOUR_DRIVER_PLY_PPT_large
  • Kuro Kage Silver 60 graphite shaft with Titanium Nickel fiber in the tip for more stability and lower spin

Product Details


Product Review:

Look 10/10:

It’s 2014 and that means there is a new Nike Covert on the market. A much improved Nike Covert. Nike still has the cavity back driver in the lineup and have already been seen on the tour by the top team Nike golfers like Rory and Tiger. The new scheme features a white colorway on the Tour 2.0 that I am huge fan of for visual appeal. I think Nike really nailed the look on the newest 2.0 drivers. They also kept the white swoosh on the red crown, which is a huge plus to see that it stayed with 2.0 model. The look of the Covert Tour 2.0 is nothing less than bad ass. Another great touch is the red Golf Pride Tour wrap grip on the White Kuro Kage graphite shaft. I wish Nike would have gone with the Tour Velvet but still a great look. I give the overall look of the Nike Covert Tour 2.0 a 10/10.

Feel 6/10:

Feel again is my biggest issue with the Nike Covert Tour 2.0. I really think it could be the shaft choice of using the Kuro Kage. I really wish the stock option for this driver was the Fubuki line instead of the Kuro Kage. They had it in the old Nike VR S, and I loved that shaft. I will probably end up putting a Fubuki K-Series X-Stiff in this club for the rest of the season. The sound is another thing that is still throwing me off on the Nike Covert 2.0. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a well-struck and a poorly struck shot. I give the overall feel a 6/10.

Distance 10/10:

If you are looking for a driver to deliver maximum distance with low spin, the Nike Covert Tour 2.0 is what you should be looking to put in your bag. The re-engineered cavity back has made great improvements in the area of distance by allowing the player to get maximum ball speed to deliver punishing drives. I had no problem crushing this driver when taking it to the range or playing a few rounds with it. I give the overall distance ranking a 10/10.VR_S_COVERT_2_TOUR_DRIVER

Adjustability/Workability 9/10

Nike has done it again and given anyone who picks it up the opportunity for full adjustability and dial it in for their needs. Either crank up the loft for that round that you want to launch everything high or dial it down when playing your favorite links course. Players can open or close the face but I believe most players should just leave it at neutral and work on their swing.

Workability of the Nike Tour 2.0 sees dramatic improvements with the cavity back redesign on providing better stability with higher ball speeds. The Nike Tour driver can be worked either way, left or right, by players who like to move the ball in any direction. I give the overall workability/adjustability rating a 9/10.

Overall Rating 35/40:

Nike should be proud on improvements they have made to the Nike Covert 2.0 driver line this year. They found ways to deliver a much improved driver to the marketplace. The Nike Covert 2.0 Tour model not only looks great but is also very LONG! I think some small improvements to the sound of the club as well as the stock shaft option will help this club go even higher up the rankings. Also, I am hoping for a good year from Tiger and Rory, which should help out the Swoosh team a ton. Overall I am having a great experience with the new Nike driver. Keep on cooking up winners in the Oven guys!

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