Unique Core Design, Unprecedented Distance and Stability: Nike’s New Speedlock RZN Core Technology


– Nike Golf’s new interlocking RZN core design delivers more energy at impact for faster ball speed, longer distance and a more stable ball flight –

BEAVERTON, Ore. (November 25, 2013) – For the second time in three years, Nike Golf is transforming golf ball technology with another industry-first. Building on the success of the game-changing 20XI ball and RZN core technology, Nike Golf is unveiling its innovative Speedlock RZN core technology and adding four golf balls to the new RZN franchise – RZN Platinum, RZN Black, RZN Red and RZN White — designed to deliver more distance, better feeland a more consistent, stable ball flight than ever before.

Nike’s proprietary Speedlock RZN core technology features an interlocking core design – the core’s surface is similar to that of a waffle iron – that interconnects with the compression layer to form a tighter bond that helps promote better energy transfer through the layers at impact.  Similar to how snow tires utilize aggressive treads to bond with a road surface, the Speedlock core’s interlocking geometry helps eliminate the slipping that normally occurs between a traditional, smooth-surface core and the outer layer. When a core slides or slips on impact, the ball loses energy and as a result, speed and distance. Speedlock Technology helps to harness more energy between layers for faster ball speed, longer distance and more stability into the wind.

“We knew we hadn’t pulled 100-percent of the energy that we could out of the existing RZN core,” says Rock Ishiii, Senior Director, Golf Product Development. “Working in partnership with DuPont we were able to develop a softer and faster RZN material and created the interlocking core design to reduce energy loss at impact. That means more distance, especially with fairway woods, irons and wedges, and softer feel and sound around the greens.”

“The lightweight RZN material allows us to add weight to the perimeter of the golf ball which gives the new RZN family an extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI) in a golf ball,” Ishii adds. “This provides incredible ball flight stability in all wind conditions.”

When the exploration into new technology began a little over a year ago, Nike Golf designers looked to the past to find inspiration for the future. They landed on the original Haskell ball, which emerged in the early 1900’s as the first rubber core golf ball, consisting of elastic thread wound around a rubber core under extreme tension. The Haskell design helped make historically slower materials faster – and Nike Golf engineers began to explore what that could mean for a lighter, more modern RZN material in the core.

“Tightly-wrapped material pulls more energy through the layers, and converts that energy into additional ball speed,” Ishii says. “One additional mile-per-hour produces an average of five yards in additional distance.”

Several Nike Golf athletes, including Rory McIlroy and Paul Casey, have put the new ball into play in 2013.

“I want something that sounds fast off the club head, and something that sounds soft around the green,” Casey says. “This new ball with Speedlock Technology does that.”

“I’m finding that especially around the greens there is a big difference,” adds McIlroy. “The ball feels and sounds a lot softer. And even from inside 50 yards, it felt like the ball was getting a little more grip, a little more spin. My iron shots were great, and wedge shots were great, too.”

A new spin-optimizedcoating on the outer surface of the ball helps grip the grooves for better control on wedge and iron shots. The coating, in addition to a softer cover and softer compression in the core, also helps provide improved sound and feel, especially on off-center shots.

The Nike RZN franchise will launch four versions of the new ball:

·      RZN Platinum: Tour Performance control and moderate spin

·      RZN Black: Tour Performance distance and less spin

·      RZN Red: Distance Performance, longer carry

·      RZN White: Distance Performance, softer feel, for swing speeds 95-100 mph


Availability: 3/1/14

RZN Platinum/RZN Black

MSRP: $58.00

Street Price: $45.99

RZN Red/RZN White

MSRP: $40.00

Street Price: $29.99


Nike Golf Delivers Forgiving Distance with the VRS Covert 2.0 Driver


– New Fly-Brace technology allows for higher ball speed, more distance and greater forgiveness with every shot –

BEAVERTON, Ore. (November 22, 2013) – Nike Golf introduced the new VRS Covert 2.0 family of drivers during an event at the company’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. Bigger, faster and longer than last year’s industry game-changing VRS Covert drivers — the world’s first to feature conforming High Speed Cavity Back technology — the new VRS Covert 2.0 drivers deliver more forgiving distance, faster ball speed and simple, intuitive customization to meet the swing needs of every athlete.

High-Speed Cavity Back technology redistributes weight to the heel and toe allowing for increased distance and more stability across the face of the driver.

“We re-engineered VRS Covert 2.0 with enhancements to our High Speed Cavity Back technology that allow athletes to experience more forgiving distance than ever before,” says Nate Radcliffe, Nike Golf Director of Engineering.  “The new VRS Covert 2.0 driver features a redesigned cavity with Fly-Brace technology that ties the sole to the crown. By stiffening the rear portion of the club, more energy is transferred to the face at impact. The end result is even greater ball speed and up to six yards of distance gain over last year’s model.”

“It’s similar to an automotive frame design,” Radcliffe adds. “Fly-Brace technology reinforces the rearward portion of the club head to focus impact stress, flexing and subsequent energy transfer to the point of impact.”

Several Nike athletes, including Rory McIlroy, Kevin Chappell and Nick Watney, have put the VRS Covert 2.0 driver into play in 2013.

“We work very closely with our athletes and the new VRS Covert 2.0 drivers deliver on the shape, stability, and speed they have asked for,” Radcliffe says. “The added stability and speed realized by our athletes with VRS Covert 2.0 allows for an aggressive approach off the tee which is essential in the modern game.”

The VRS Covert 2.0 drivers feature two additional proprietary technologies: A larger, re-engineered NexCOR face for increased ball speed and distance, and FlexLoft adjustability, which allows athletes to easily customize loft and face angle positions for 15 drivers in one.

The redesigned NexCOR face incorporates variable face thickness for a faster, hotter face and as a result, more speed at impact. It is 15-percent larger in the VRS Covert 2.0 Tour driver, and seven-percent larger in the VRS Covert 2.0 driver.

Nike Golf’s patented FlexLoft system offers the same, intuitive adjustability system featured in the VRS Covert driver. Athletes can adjust lofts from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees while independently modifying for three different face angle positions to optimize launch and spin conditions for maximized distance and accuracy.

The second generation of Mitsubishi Rayon’s Kuro Kage shafts are the standard graphite option for both models. In the VRS Covert 2.0 Tour, the Kuro Kage Silver 60 graphite, featuring Titanium Nickel fiber in the tip section, creates more stability and lower spin. The VRS Covert 2.0 utilizes the Kuro Kage Black HBP Graphite 50 shaft with a higher balance point, allowing for higher swing speeds without adding shaft length.


Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Tour Driver

Availability: January 31, 2014 

Specifications: 8.5-12.5º Kuro Kage Silver TiNi shaft; RH/LH: R, S, X   

Street Price: $399


Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Driver

Availability: January 31, 2014 

Specifications: 8.5-12.5º Kuro Kage Black HBP shaft; RH/LH: A, R, S, W 

Street Price: $299

Nike Golf Unveiled New Innovations for Spring 2014


– New products in golf clubs, golf balls, footwear and apparel are designed to unleash the athlete in every golfer  – 

BEAVERTON, Ore. (November 22, 2013) – Nike Golf unveiled an innovative range of products for 2014 – featuring golf clubs, golf balls, footwear and apparel — at an event at the company’s world headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. The new products are designed to unleash the athlete in every golfer in a way that only Nike can through four key technologies: Cavity Back technology in golf clubs; Speedlock RZN Core technology in golf balls; Lunar technology in footwear; and Mobility Enhanced technologies in apparel.

“For us, innovation and design is at the epicenter of everything we do,” said Cindy Davis, President of Nike Golf. “We obsess every detail.  Is it fast enough?  Is it light enough?  Does it feel right?  Sound right?  Does it meet the eye?  Does it move with the body? We challenge everything. We think something nobody else thinks. We build something nobody else builds.  We improve something that no one else thinks needs improving.  If it’s good enough, then we must make it better.”




VRS Covert 2.0 Drivers: An enhanced cavity back design with new Fly-Brace technology delivers increased energy transfer at impact for more ball speed and forgiving distance.


VRS Covert 2.0 Fairway Woods: Coupled with High Speed Cavity Back technology for longer and straighter shots, a lower center of gravity promotes a higher launch with reduced spin, which produces an average of eight yards in additional distance compared to last year’s model.


VRS Covert 2.0 Hybrids: Nike Golf engineers tapped into their “Linear Transition Design” methodology to create a new line of hybrids with progressively smaller head designs while increasing face height on each model. 


VR X3X Toe Sweep Wedges: With a wider sole area toward the toe and improved Nike X3X groove technology, the VR X3X Toe Sweep wedges deliver a more consistent shot in any condition, providingbetter ball flight and stopping power on the green


VRS Covert Forged Irons: Nike Golf engineers incorporated a NexCOR face, Nike’s proprietary technology that delivers faster ball speed and more distance, and a high-speed cavity back design with a lower, deeper center of gravity for longer and straighter shots.




Speedlock RZN Core technology: This new technology features an interlocking core design – the core’s surface is similar to that of a waffle iron – that interconnects with the compression layer to form a tighter bond. Speedlock Technology helps to harness more energy between layers for faster ball speed, longer distance and more stability into the wind.


Four new golf balls featuring Speedlock RZN Core technology:

  • RZN Platinum: Tour Performance control and moderate spin
  • RZN Black: Tour Performance distance and less spin
  • RZN Red: Distance Performance, longer carry
  • RZN White: Distance Performance, softer feel, for swing speeds 95-100 mph



Nike Lunar Control: Venom Green, Military Blue and Challenge Red pop against white and black premium full-grain leather uppers and highlight Nike’s proprietary full-length Lunarlon technology, a lightweight cushioning system that is highly responsive, resulting in a unique combination of comfort and support. 

Nike Lunar Clayton: Nike Golf footwear designers combined a handcrafted, waterproof leather upper with lightweight Nike Lunarlon technology in the outsole for maximum responsive cushioning to create a versatile shoe for both on and off the course. A leather welt joins the upper to the outsole while protecting from the elements. 



Nike Hyperadapt Wind Jacket: Featuring the same four-way stretch technology and sweater-like feel as the Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket, the Hyperadapt Wind jacket is a lighter, windproof and rain-resistant version perfect for spring. A transparent outer shell showcases the jacket’s technical details inside and out.

NikeLightweight Innovation Color Polo: The mobility chassis, a new seam construction that allows for optimal movement, is bonded rather than stitched to lie more closely against the body. Designers shifted the seam towards the upper back so it doesn’t run across the top of the shoulders, allowing maximized movement throughout the swing, free of distractions.

Nike Innovation Woven Cover-up: The Innovation Woven Cover-up features two technologies merged into one unique, hybrid design. The lightweight wind-and-water resistant Dri-FIT stretch woven body – the ‘jacket’ – is breathable and protects against the elements. The 3D knit sleeves – the ‘sweater’ – keeps warmth in and amplifies movement through the arms and shoulders.


Product Review: Nike Method Mod 90 Putter

Do you want to get your hands on the newest gear from Nike Golf for the fall collection? Well one of the first pieces of equipment you need to get your hands on is the New Nike Method Mod putter collection. These high tech works of art will not only help improve your game but make you look good while doing it by taking inspiration from some the most popular putters of the past four decades. Any four of the models you select will defiantly be a great addition to your bag. I tested the Nike Method Mod 90 in 34″.

Look 10/10METHOD_MOD_90_

I would like the call the Nike Method Mod putters the 2.0 version of the past year’s Method putters. They have taken an already exceptionally gorgeous club and transformed it another level. The whole new Mod putter lineup has clean lines in the satin chrome milled finish with eye catching red detailing. The Method Mod 90 takes the simple blade putter from the past and gives it a facelift even Joan Rivers would appreciate. So if you are looking for a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship then look no further than the Nike Method Mod 90 putter. I give the overall look of this putter a 10/10.

Roll  9/10

Nike has taken the revolutionary design of the Polymetal grooves and added them to their newest additions in the Method putter family. These four putter models of the Mod series will help deliver instantaneous roll off the club face which is one of the keys to hitting well-struck putts. This helps you keep more putts rolling on line and in essence will help you shoot lower scores by draining more putts. Since nothing is more frustrating than a putt that starts offline from poor contact from your putter face. The Nike Method Mod 90 putter helps solve this problem by bringing back a great piece of technology from last year and incorporating it into the new lineup of putters. You can be assured that you will get a great product from Nike engineers and the Method family is going in a solid direction. I give the overall roll rating a 9/10.

Weighting  9/10

The issue of weighting can be huge when looking for a new putter. Everyone has their own idea how it should feel when selecting a putter they believe will help them shoot better scores. I have always been a huge fan of blade style putters. It’s usually the first style putter you ever get as a kid when getting a cut down set from your dad or playing miniature golf. The Nike Method Mod 90 putter on the other hand is taking the traditional purist style blade and giving it a souped-up Ferrari engine. Through the technology at The Oven, they have taken the weight and distributed it evenly from toe to heal which helps lower the center of gravity. “The distinctive 90° toe hang, determined by the weight location in relation to the head, offers a personalized feel for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy.” This putter will sit low, deliver excellent weighting and I believe will be a great addition to your bag. I give the overall weighting a 9/10 rating.

Performance  8/10

If you are looking for a high performing blade putter you will need to give the Method Mod 90 putter a shot. Every detail of this putter has been thoroughly examined by producing one of the highest quality putters on the market with the addition to the Method family. Everything from the CNC-milled face for maximum performance, Polymetal groove technology, balanced weighting has delivered a winner. This putter feels great off the face with smooth roll and precise distance control. Playing a few rounds and getting some solid practice time, I can see the careful amount of time put into making this club. I give the overall performance of this putter a 8/10.

Overall Rating  36/40

Nike has delivered on creating a whole new lineup of Method putters that anyone can enjoy from blade to mallet style heads. With four different options, you will be guaranteed to find one that suits your game and favorite style of putter. The Method Mod 90 will not only look good on the green but has all the performance one desires in purchasing a blade style putter. The Polymetal grooves will give you clean rolls off the face along with a very impressive balance weighting system. These bad boys hit the shelves November 1, 2013, so go down to your local shop and give them a try. The sticker price of $299 shouldn’t shock you when seeing this putter because the quality put into it makes it a great value. I give the overall rating a 36/40.

More Information from Nike.com

Below is the Official Press Release of the Nike Method Mod Putters

BEAVERTON, Ore. (October 8, 2013) – Divide a second by 1,000. Now divide that in half. That’s how little time it takes to launch a golf ball that is just over an inch-and-a-half in diameter from where it sits nestled on a green. Nike’s Polymetal Groove technology allows athletes to tackle this challenge with more consistency and confidence than ever before — and that same innovative technology paves the way for modern performance in Nike Golf’s new line of classically-designed Nike Method MOD putters, available November 1.

Inspired by some of the most popular putter models of the past four decades, Nike Golf engineers combined tradition and innovation to craft the newest tech-savvy additions to the Method family. Timeless styles and shapes are updated with a unique arc design profile, red detailing and satin chrome finish to round out a line of four premium, milled putters that offer the ultimate in Tour-proven performance.

“We were able to take a range of classic designs and make them perform like modern putters,” says David Franklin, Nike Golf Master Modelmaker. “We incorporated Polymetal Groove technology, which allows athletes to lift the ball, launch it and turn it forward as quickly as possible for a truer roll. We removed weight from the center, placing it in the heel and toe instead for a lower and deeper center of gravity. It’s Nike’s interpretation on classic, familiar shapes.”

Each Nike Method MOD putter is weighted to length to ensure proper feel, and the line offers a range of toe hang options determined by where the weight is in relationship to the putter head. This allows athletes to choose a model to his or her personal preference for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy: MOD 00 (face-balanced); MOD 30 (30 degrees of toe hang); MOD 60 (60 degrees of toe hang); and MOD 90, (90 degrees of toe hang).

Nike Method MOD putters will be available on November 1 at select retailers and on Nike.com.

Nike Method MOD Putter

Availability: 11/1/2013

Specifications: MOD 00 RH 33”/34”/35”, MOD 30 RH 33”/34”/35”, MOD 60 RH/LH, 33”/34”/35”, MOD 90 RH 33”/34”/35”

Street Price: $299

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