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Product Review: Cleveland Golf Smart Square Putter

If you just found out about Cleveland Golf’s newest Smart Square putter then you will quickly realize the Odyssey 2 ball putter you have in your bag is now obsolete. Cleveland Golf has created a game-changer that I promise will help take your game to a whole new level. I know first-hand after playing with this new putter for the past 2 weeks, and I have already shaved a handful of strokes off my rounds.

There has been two things that have plagued my golf game my whole life, which are bad tee shots and missed putts because of aiming problems. Now after playing with the new Smart Square putter, I believe all I need to focus on is making perfect drives because Cleveland has given me a solution I have been looking for in this new putter.

Product Details:

Dual Axis Alignment:  Two parallel lines extend from the center of the face to frame the ball   perfectly down the line, and two

cleveland smart squareperpendicular lines offer instant feedback when the putter is misaligned at address. The result is faster, more reliable alignment on every putt.

Consistent Roll:  Copolymer face insert enhances feel and sound at impact and   promotes a consistent roll for more predictable distance control.

High MOI Design: Advanced head design maximizes Moment of Inertia for minimal distance loss on off-center hits.

Options for Different Strokes:  Traditional lengths (33” – 35”)  are available in both heel-and center-shafted models. A 39-inch Almost Belly model features a   400-gram head (40 grams heavier than standard) and oversize 158-gram grip (2.5 times heavier than standard) for counter-balanced weighting, which adds stability   and consistency to your stroke without anchoring.


Product Review:

Look 10/10:

When first getting word from Cleveland that I was receiving a new product, I was intrigued to see what they had to offer for the fall cleveland-smartsquare-2lineup. The first thing I noticed was the sleek black box the Smart Square putter was shipped in with ☐☐>⭕⭕ front and center on the box.  Opening the Smart Square putter box, I unveiled a solution to every golfers problem. A putter that was designed to help you score better on the course.

The look of this putter is wicked, and the black and white colorways are simply perfect. This is huge because I have never been a mallet putter fan… ever. I have always played blade putters from everything from the Acushnet Bullseye 2 putter, Ping G20, Taylormade Nubbins, Nike Method, etc. I can say this is the first mallet putter that not only looks good but have actually made me switch after playing blades my whole life.

The most significant part of the look is the two large square symbols designed to help golfers aim better when lining up that putt, whether you need the confidence to win the Masters or just take money from your buddies on the course. I bet you are now thinking, why did I ever think two circles was the best solution to aim when straight lines are often used to aim. Cleveland has given you exactly what you want with a great looking putter, and I give the overall look of the Smart Square a 10/10.

Roll 9/10:

I have always been a huge fan in putters with face inserts because I love knowing how well I am strike the ball or how much I miss it. I am stoked that Cleveland has given the Smart Square a copolymer face insert because it put this putter right in my wheel house. This putter feels great and balls start rolling quick comparedcleveland-smartsquare-3 to other putters that give you the dreaded bounce off the face. If you want to make this thing even more lethal, make sure to get yourself a dozen new Srixon Z-Star golf balls.

Playing almost every night the last two weeks, I have seen a huge difference compared to other putters I have used, especially on 3-5 foot putts. I haven’t even had one 3-putt since owning this club, which is awesome. If you are looking for a putter with a great true roll, then look no further than the Smart Square putter. I give the overall roll rating a 9/10.

Weighting 8/10:

Whenever dealing with mallet putters, I have found the biggest turn off to be the weighting compared to blade putters. It might be the same exact grams, but the feel seems heavier with mallets vs blade putters. Sometimes it is just the perception of the user, which has always been my experience with mallet putters. Smart Square delivers a mallet that feels great even on those slippery 3-foot benders you don’t want to knock by 5 feet. Also, if you currently play a long putter and are looking to transition to a shorter putter, this would be a great choice in helping your game. I give the overall weighting rating an 8/10.

Performance 10/10:

If you are looking for a new putter this Fall and want the Ferrari of putters, I suggest the Smart Square putter. Cleveland has give you all the technology and simplicity one could ever ask for in a putter. If you are seeking a club that will give you the ultimate Smart Squareperformance on even the fastest greens then look no further than the Smart Square putter. I give the overall performance rating a 10/10.

Overall Rating  37/40:

Cleveland Golf, I would like to commend you for another top-of-the-line piece of equipment. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought about playing a mallet putter. You have actually given me something I believe will help me lower my score and eliminate that pesky 3-putt that every golfer faces. So if you are waiting to purchase a new putter this winter or want a great present for you father this Christmas, I suggest stopping by your local golf store to try it out yourself and let Cleveland Golf also make you a believer. Before you buy any other putter, wait until next month and give this one  shot. I give the overall rating a 37/40.

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