Product Review: Nike VR S Covert Driver

Have you have narrowed down your new driver purchase to the Nike VR S Covert and maybe a few other options at your local shop? You are memorized by the new red head with a cavity-looking cutout Nike Swoosh and want to play the same driver as Tiger Woods. This is the new Nike VR S Covert driver that packs in some fresh technology that will help you stand out in the crowd.

Nike has been baking this up in the Oven and has been seen in local shops and the PGA Tour for the past year. This however is a great time to purchase the club because golf season and prices are winding down on the Nike VRS Covert and Covert Tour models.

I tested the Nike VR S Covert driver with the stock MRC Kuro Kage Black 50 shaft.

Product Details:Nike Covert


Nike Golf’s most innovative club to date, the Nike VR_S Covert Tour Driver delivers unprecedented distance, control and forgiveness with the first-ever conforming high-speed cavity back design.


High-speed cavity back technology delivers longer and straighter shots. Utilized in drivers for the first time, this technology positions the weight of the golf club at the heel and toe to enhance forgiveness and add even more distance to off-center shots. The result is more stability at impact for greater distance and control.


The FlexLoft adjustability system allows you to independently choose your loft and face angle to fit your swing and maximize your distance. This easy-to-use system offers 15 different options in one single club to meet the demands of various swings and course conditions.


NexCOR Face Technology produces faster, longer shots across a wider area of the face. With a hot zone that’s 45 percent larger, NexCOR creates more speed at impact with a variable face thickness that moves the sweet spot higher-from the heel of the club to the center high-where golfers are most likely to make impact.

More Benefits

  • Golf Digest 2013 Hot List award winner
  • 460cc head adjustable from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees of loft, and three face angle positions
  • Deep face head for distance and workability
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 50 shaft

Product DetailsNike Covert


Unused and unopened clubs can be returned to the warehouse within 90 days of the shipping date. Clubs cannot be returned in retail stores. Once used, Nike golf clubs are covered by a limited warranty. For more information, please visit the golf club FAQ page.

*Conforming to USGA / R&A rules

Product Review:

Look 10/10:

With all the different colored drivers on the market from black, white, red, green, blue, etc. I think the red Nike Covert driver is one of my favorite club looks of 2013. I know the red might seem a lot for you to stomach but come on, you gotta admit it does look pretty sweet with the large white Nike swoosh on the crown of this driver towards the heel.

The biggest difference you will see of the Nike Covert driver compared to others on the market is the significant cavity cut out of the back of the club to help with miss hits and add forgiveness. My favorite thing on this driver, and what originally intrigued me, is the full loft adjustment allowing it to go from 8.5 all the way up to 12.5. This makes it so you’re not just locked in at one loft or only a few small adjustments. They have given you the whole range of complete adjust-ability making it stand out from the rest. I love the look of this driver, and give the overall look of the Nike VR S Covert driver a 10/10.

Feel 7/10:

This is probably one of the biggest differences I noticed with this driver compared to all the others I have used, including last year’s Nike VR S driver. I really wanted this club to feel amazing but just doesn’t feel as great as my Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver or last year’s Nike VR S model. I think it could be the difference with having the cavity back and all the weighting stripped from the back of the Covert driver. Also the sound of this club seems a little off compared to last year’s VR S when hit on different parts of the NexCOR face. I give the overall feel a 7/10.

Distance 8/10:

Nike is bringing speed to the game at another level with their new Covert cavity-back designed driver. We all know that Speed = Distance in golf and with the addition of the cavity-back the Covert cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter. I was seeing good numbers and solid speed readings on the SwingSmart while testing this club. If you are seeking a driver to get longer off the tee then the Nike Covert is right for you by delivering punishing drives you can deliver on any fairway on the course. I give the overall distance rating an 8/10.

Adjustability/Workability 9/10:

When you think of adjustability for drivers in 2013 no wonder the Covert received a Gold Medal for this driver. Innovation from The Oven has made one of the most original adjustability options on the market. You are no longer stuck in a world of the same degree driver with little to no options. How about a driver that can be completely adjusted from an 8.5 loft for those rounds at Kingsbarns to a 12.5 loft when wanting to let it fly high in Maui winds and the ability to adjust the face open and closed? This is what Nike has done and taken adjustability to a whole new level, setting a new standard for other companies to follow. Nike has truly launched a game-changer to the world of golf.

The workability of this driver is pretty decent but I would like to see how they refine this driver in the future especially if they decide to keep the Covert design or move in a different direction. This driver is suitable for all handicaps. I give the overall workability/adjustability rating a 9/10.

Overall Rating 34/40:

Overall I am pretty stoked on the new Nike Covert driver. The development team at the Nike Oven are doing a great job with creating new and innovative breakthroughs for the world of golf. The Nike Covert is a great driver and would recommend it to anyone wanting to add a new weapon to their bag. I believe anyone who purchases this driver will hit it longer and shoot better scores. I hope Nike continues to find ways to make this club even better in the future.


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