Product Review: Srixon ZStar XV with SpinSkin Golf Balls

I was able to get my hands on the new Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls before they were launched August 8th and playing with them the last couple weeks I think they have done a superb job with the new line of Z-Stars with SpinSkin. They come in pure white and tour yellow both of which have helped Will Wilcox and Russell Knox shot the elusive 59. The mantra of Srixon is #playabetterball and it can’t be further from the truth. I believe after playing these you will also give up your Titleist ProV1’s after giving them a shot. I am such a fan of these balls I have even bought a dozen to give away by signing up on the form below to win 1 of 4 sleeves. A random drawing will be held September 15th and 4 lucky winners will also get the chance to playabetterball.


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2013 Srixon Z-Star XV with SpinSkin Golf Balls

Bomber Rating 10/10srixon-z-star-new

If you have a swing speed and looking for a ball that goes a mile than the Srixon Z-Star XV with SpinSkin is here to the rescue. If you are currently playing a Titleist Pro V1 X or Nike 20XI-X than this ball will be right in your wheelhouse. In combination of the Cleveland Classic Custom XL driver and Srixon XV I have seen even more distance than ever before. This ball will give everything you want on a penetrating flight that not only flies straight but a mile down the fairway. So if you have been looking for a ball to finally out drive your playing partners than you need to try the Srixon Z-Star XV and can thank me later on Twitter for being able to shoot better scores while crushing drives. I give the overall bomber rating of this ball a 10/10.

Approach Rating 9/10

The approach of the Srixon Z-Star XV is right on point with the new addition of their trademarked SpinSkin cover. This ball is very workable giving you full control of being able to knock shots close which will lead to better scores. This ball compared to last years model checks up a lot quicker around the greens to be prepared to dial in yardages even better without having to worry about it releasing through the green. I give the overall approach rating of 9/10.

Spin Rating 10/10

SpinSkin is real and its hear to stay. If you haven’t heard about this technology yet than you are about to be hit with some truth. This has to be on of the best advancements in spin technology on the market. The trademarked coating helps increase friction by 20% giving you total control over this ball into greens that require precise distance control and spin. This ball also is actually really fun to mess around with around the greens.Spin Skin

It is great to have a higher swing speed ball that performs around the green as good as the XV because most times when using this type of ball you sacrifice spin control for distance. Even better is how the XV spin off the driver is low to help give you those extra yards. I don’t know how they are able to achieve this it’s either magic or some science schemed up by Bill Nye the Science Guy but to the development team here’s a virtual high five your way. Srixon gives you everything you want in one ball which is hard for other companies to say when selling balls. I give the overall spin rating of 10/10.

Feel Rating 9/10

Srixon has delivered on your request of having a great feeling ball with their Z-Star series especially in the XV model. I prefer balls that are firmer off the putter and this is exactly what I am looking for when on the greens. Keeping it simple this ball feels great and I give the overall feel rating a 9/10.

Overall Summary and Grade 38/40

If you are looking to play a better ball and haven’t ever considered playing a Srixon ball since it feels unfamiliar to your usual brands than you really need to give it a shot. Don’t be scared of change since you might even be playing a golf ball made by a tire company right now (I’m looking at you Bridgestone). You want a ball made by a golf company with a solid reputation and Srixon is proving that it is a leader in the golf ball market.

I believe Srixon has changed the game with their SpinSkin coating and delivering on creating a top of the line golf ball that hopefully will help you even shoot the elusive 59 one day. Don’t forget to signup above and get the chance to win these balls on the drawing September 15, 2013.

Srixon Press Release:

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – August 8, 2013 – Srixon is pleased to announce the latest addition to its Z-STAR series golf balls favored by world tour professionals, as well as other competitive golfers. The new 2013 Z-STAR series is the most technically advanced tour performance golf ball Srixon has ever developed. The new Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV provide two distinct tour offerings that have been re-designed, re-calculated and re-formulated to produce the best balance of tour performance across all clubs in the bag.

In response to the rigorous demands of tour pros and competitive golfers around the world, the new Srixon Z-STAR series delivers greater advances in spin control and softness, while improving the flight characteristics that have won both balls high acclaim. The surface of the new Z-STAR ball series employs Srixon’s newly developed Spin Skin™, which enables players to hit short approach shots with plenty of backspin, while experiencing a softer feeling as the clubface grips the ball. Srixon’s new Spin Skin, which is two times softer than any previous Srixon coating, helps create a 20% increase in frictional force between the ball and clubface, which leads to greatly enhanced spin performance. Srixon’s Spin Skin enables tour professionals and top players to put just the right amount of backspin on their approach shots.

The Z-STAR ball features a brand new Energy Gradient Growth™ (EGG™) large-diameter core with newly developed additives for more contrast between outer hardness and inner softness, resulting in more lift, less spin and longer flight distances. The new Z-STAR XV features a new Neo EGG™ large-diameter, two-layer core with increased contrast between outer hardness and inner softness, which delivers more lift and less spin for a quicker launch and greater overall flight distances.

The Z-STAR series, with its newly developed 344 Speed Dimple™ design, helps reduce air resistance for improved flight performance, resulting in a strong, long-carrying trajectory that can conquer even strong headwinds to deliver greater flight distances. Srixon’s new 344 Speed Dimple design increased the ratio of dimples to surface area of the golf ball by more than 4%, making it possible to play more aggressive golf under all conditions.

“We’re extremely excited about the new Z-STAR series,” said Chris Beck, Brand Manager for Srixon. “We’ve had an astonishing run on tour this year with the new Z-STAR balls, which have already garnered more than 40 worldwide wins, three majors and even two rounds of 59.”

The Z-STAR and the Z-STAR XV will carry a MAP price of $44.99, and are both available in Pure White or Tour Yellow.

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