Steal Of The Day: Hyperlite Forefront Wakeboard $230


It’s that time of the year to swoop up all the summer gear like wakeboards for great deals before old man winter comes along. Today’s steal of the day comes from Proboardshop.com where hyperlite-forefront-all-11-prodyou can get a brand new Hyperlight Forefront Wakeboard for $230 instead of $329.95 along with FREE GEAR

The Hyperlite Forefront Wakeboard is the one you need for all your water adventures! Show off to your friends the qualities that make this board one of the best out there. The 3-Stage rocker allows you to move freely while on the board. It is the first ever to have a toe side footbed riser that gives you additional leverage. This wakeboard contains layered glass which means that contrary to traditional wakeboards, this one will resist and stay together for several more years. In short, the Forefront Wakeboard has all the essential features that make it ideal for all your wakeboarding needs.

Key Features of the Hyperlite Forefront Wakeboard:

  • Greg Nelson Design
  • Molded in Toeside Footbed Risers
  • Counterbalancing Top Contours
  • Toeside Channel Extensions
  • Molded-In Anti-Slip Fin
  • Removable 1.3″ Disorder Toeside Fins
  • Removable .8″ Poly A-Wing Heelside Fins
  • Variable Edge Design
  • Subtle 3-Stage Rocker
  • Monocoque Construction
  • Layered Glass
  • Fins: 4 – .8″ Poly A-Wing 2 1.3″ Disorder

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