Product Review: SwingSmart Golf Analyzer


Every golfer is always out to find the next greatest piece of technology to help them fix their golf swings. I bet you already have a basement full of swing fans, Medicus hinged irons, elbow straightening contraptions and HammerX drivers (WORST COMMERCIAL EVER… BOOM!! POW!!!) . I know from experience back from my days working at a local golf course in high school and witnessing old guys try every infomercial product on the market. They never improved as golfers and would just keep going out and buying more useless products instead of actually purchasing a lesson.

If you are like most people and can’t afford a $20,000 TrackMan Pro for getting data on our swing but want a personal golf swing analyzer than SwingSmart is your solution. This handy piece of technology gives any amateur player everything they need on analyzing their swings. I met Angelo Papadourakis the President at a local demo day a few months ago when he had a booth setup on the driving range and was letting people demo the product.

After discussing the product and trying it myself, I was intrigued by the SwingSmart golf analyzer and the huge benefits it provides. I was able to test the iOS version on my iPhone and iPad and currently use it every time I practice.



Quickly and Easily Improve Your Game with INSTANT Feedback after Every Swing With the SwingSmart Golf Analyzer and FREE SwingSmart app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, you’ll have an easy tool to quickly improve your golf swing anywhere, anytime.


Attach the sensor module to the underside of the shaft on any golf club – from putter to driver. Take a swing, and before your ball drops, SwingSmart has analyzed your complete swing swingsmartmotion.


Get INSTANT feedback on your iPad/Phone and Android devices for every swing! See four critical statistics – Tempo, Attack Angle, Swing Speed and Face Angle – and a unique 3-D view that shows the path of your golf swing from any angle.


Save your “Best” swing and COMPARE stats to any other swing to learn what’s different and how you can improve. Even e-mail your swing to an instructor for additional feedback! Invented by golfers for golfers You get the important information you really need to make key improvements to your golf swing – with no distractions.

Read our “Chief Executive Golfer” story Works with every club in your bag – including putter – to match “feel” with “real.” Now the latest technology combines with proven golf instruction to help you play better every time out. Works in Swing Mode when hitting a ball, as well as in Training Mode, with no impact required.

Use it indoors and outdoors in any season. Not a toy – this is THE swing analyzer for real golfers.

SwingSmart Golf Analyzer:

• Free iPad/iPhone app and Android app with free updates. (Absolutely NO subscriptions or extra charges! Android available soon!)

• Free U.S. shipping of the SwingSmart Training System to the 48 contiguous states.SwingSmart

• Incorporates videos starring renowned instructor Peter Kostis that illustrate the golf swing to help you play your best • Designed, Engineered, and manufactured in the U.S. – supporting American workers


SwingSmart Device 8/10

The SwingSmart is a small device that you place onto any club, including your putter. Compared to the Swingtip the device is attached under the shaft to keep it out of view. Angelo knows what he is doing because this device is super light and attaches securely to any club. The only problem I found is when having to change clubs the device that secures it to the club can be difficult to attach because you need to get the secure band stretched over the shaft. Sometimes needing to put quite a bit of force to pull the rubber latch. This is understandable because the last thing you want is a device that needs to be readjusted after every swing which this helps prevent.

I think some slight tweaking to this will help them greatly to make it easier to attach it to clubs. Overall I give the SwingSmart device an 8/10.

SwingSmart App 9/10

The SwingSmart comes built for iPad/iPhones right from the app store along with their recently launched Android version. The different options on the SwingSmart app are Swing Mode, SwingSmart My Bag, Video, Training Mode, Settings and Logs. The easy navigation menu is perfect for a device just like this one on the marketplace since not a lot of golfers probably even know these tools are available. The SwingSmart has all the bells and whistles you would want from Tempo, Shaft Lean, MPH and Face Angle along with one of the best looking 3D swing displays that is deadly accurate.

I left this on my driver at a local golf simulator and comparing the numbers were only a few off. Not bad for a device that only costs $249.99. The great thing about SwingSmart is that they don’t just shotgun blast you with a ton of numbers and you have no idea what the hell it means. They give you what matters and bring it to you by one of the best instructors in the world, Peter Kostis, through frequently updated videos. One small problem I encountered is that sometimes my iPhone will turn off and won’t record a swing. I solved this by going into SETTINGS-GENERAL-AUTOLOCK and changing it to a longer time setting.

The only other thing I could see would be updating some of the graphics on the app. Talking with Angelo, I know the quality of developers he brought on to make this product and they are some of the best in the world so I only see the SwingSmart getting better. I give the overall SwingSmart a 9/10.

Overall Ranking: 17/20

Overall the SwingSmart is a great product. After trying some others like the Swingtip and being completely disappointed in the technology I couldn’t be happier that I ran into Angelo at Demo Days and experiencing their product. If you are looking for the best data for a great price, then look no further because SwingSmart is worth every penny. I know you might think that others on the market are cheaper but you get what you pay for and SwingSmart delivers excellent VALUE!

I would recommend this product to anyone not just because I know from my firsthand experience but it’s a product that I now use all the time and see the benefits. Using the great SwingSmart instructional videos by Peter Kostis has to be one of my favorite features. They did it right and stepped up to get one of the best instructors that we trust to show us how to properly play golf. I believe the SwingSmart will make anyone a better golfer because data is king. Even your local instructor can use this information to better help fix problems with your swing and make you better enjoy this crazy game of golf. I give the overall ranking a 17/20.


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