Mizuno MP-4

Coming Soon: Mizuno MP-4 and MP-54 Irons

Mizuno MP-4

After working all my sources in the Mizuno world and knowing they were releasing some new products soon there is finally word and photos on the street of the newest additions to the Mizuno family. Ladies and Gentleman please lay your eyes on two new sets of gorgeous irons to the MP line.

The two different sets of clubs the Mizuno team has been working on in their Bat Cave looks to be not only an amazing looking muscle back in the MP-4 but could be the most anticipated MP iron ever in the MP-54’s. Both of these bad boys are forged so they will be up to your Mizuno standards of excellence of building the best irons in the world.

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This is one of the newest blades Mizuno has released in the past few years in the MP-4 and looks gorgeous. Smaller than my MP-64’s with clean lines and pure muscle for solid ball strikers these look to provide ultimate workability. I believe we could see a handful of current MP-64 users use a mixed set of longer MP-64 long irons and MP-4 short irons in their bags. I also think they should market these as “The Sexiest Blades of the 21st Century”.



Looks like the other Mizuno iron is the MP-54 that is being marketed as what could be the most anticipated MP iron ever. Looks like a play on the MP-64 line with a step muscle design giving more forgiveness compared to the MP-4 blade. The images released this week from Muirfield suggests the MP-54 line looks slightly larger than my MP-64’s. They also have a small cavity to give more forgiveness but will be interested to see both of these once more information comes out next month. I suggest Mizuno loyalists start saving money now because these two iron sets are great additions to the MP line.



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