Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

Product Review: Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver


I bet you just found this review because you were looking for the most underrated driver of 2013 to put in your bag. Well you are in the right place since you found the Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver product review.

While you are wandering through your local golf shop checking out the new hot-looking drivers, stop by the Cleveland product stand and take a look at their new Classic XL Custom Driver that has all the bells and whistles you are looking for when seeking to add a new boom stick to your bag. The Cleveland team has perfected what I believe is the most underrated driver of the year. Not only because it performs above and beyond but it will offer you something that I promise will make you feel better with every tee shot you take in the future.

I tested the Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver in a 9.0 loft with Miyazaki JDL 6 shaft in a X-Stiff.


Product Details:

Style and confidence are now tunable. The Classic XL Custom Driver has the largest and deepest club face of any driver in golf with an even larger sweet spot. An adjustable hosel and interchangeable weight port allow any golfer to tune the driver for precise performance.



The largest, deepest driver face in golf means the largest effective hitting area for incredible confidence on the tee. Enhanced variable face thickness technology creates incredibly fast ball speed on off-center hits for unprecedented forgiveness.


Adjustable hosel can be moved to one of 12 different settings for optimal face angle and flight, while interchangeable weight port allows swingweight to be optimized for every player.


Center of gravity moved deeper in the club head to promote higher launch and more penetrating flight.


Product Review:

Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

Look 10/10:

How about a driver that looks like something that could punish a ball down the fairway all day in a sleek black colorway with gold complimentary tones that looks great at address. I personally love the look of this classic black driver compared to some current drivers on the market that look like a bad 4th grader finger painting gone wrong. This scores big points in my book that Cleveland is sticking to their guns and focusing on producing the best product instead of the craziest paint scheme.

Cleveland has also done a great job on incorporating their 12 adjustability settings right into the hosel to eliminate all distractions on just giving you a club that will perform well with clean lines and great styling.

Finally the most impressive feature with this driver is the look of the largest, deepest driver face in golf. Setting it down at address it gives you the confidence to just let it rip with the large sweet spot. When you know there is that much forgiveness it just reassures you that no matter where you hit it on the face that it will produce the exact shot you planned in your pre-shot routine without sacrificing distance or accuracy. I give the overall look of the Cleveland Classic XL Custom driver a 10/10.

Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

Feel 9/10:

Looking for a driver that has one of the most solid striking drivers on the market than the Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver is what you are looking for by giving you maximum distance and accuracy. Cleveland has given the ability to not only adjust the club but weighting options to really dial in how you like to play your driver. I prefer the 7 gram weighting insert in my Classic XL driver but the best advice is to be professionally fit to make sure you get the perfectly fit driver for your game.

The sound of this driver is powerful, slightly loud but not annoying like you hit a glass bottle at 100 mph especially when making solid contact with your Srixon XV golf ball. Between the exceptional weighting, large deep face and sound of the Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver I give it an overall feel rating a 9/10.

Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

Distance 10/10:

Cleveland has literally hit the nail on the head with the distance of this rock star driver with 4 premium shaft options. With its penetrating launch angle and low spin this has to be my favorite driver I have tried all year. The past weekend I took it out to the range to set it up on the SwingSmart to check numbers and was able to get the swing speed up to 133 mph give or take a few mph and was destroying this thing past the back fence of my local driving range. The ball flight is solid with this club. The only tweak I will probably make is getting a Mitsubisi Fubuki Tour 53 shaft since I love the Fubuki shaft in my Nike VRS driver to provide the higher ball flight.

This driver is a one of a kind, and if you want serious distance I suggest getting fitted for one today and give an overall distance rating a 10/10. *Keep up the good work Cleveland R&D!

Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver

Adjustability/Workability 8/10:

So you have decided to step up to the big boy table and get yourself an adjustable driver. With so many options out there on the market how do you choose? Well Cleveland has made it simple with one of the cleanest adjustability functions on the market. They seamlessly build adjustability right into the hosel giving you 12 different combinations to setup your driver. My personal opinion is they are one of the leaders in adjustability making it all about simplicity. When you compare the Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver to the likes of the Taylormade R1, I would choose the Cleveland over it any day. Also it doesn’t look like it has a frickin’ compass on the bottom. I currently have my Cleveland driver setup as SQUARE with 7g weighting.

I really believe the adjustability in golf is here to stay and will constantly get refined, tweaked and made better in the upcoming years. Cleveland has done a wonderful job on their new model and I believe will only get better in the future. I think if Cleveland can go in the direction of Nike with having one club head instead of 3 with any degree in loft they will be right on the money.

The workability of this driver is flawless. I am able to move it where ever I want with fades and draws along with blasting it right down the pipe on long par 5’s. This driver is suitable for all handicaps but again I suggest getting professionally fitted to make sure you have a great experience on the course. I give the overall the workability/adjustability rating a 8/10.


Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver


Overall Rating 37/40:

Overall I am ecstatic with the direction Cleveland is going with their clubs and have a true winner with the Classic XL Custom Driver. If you are looking for a driver that will go above and beyond with delivering maximum distance and accuracy than next time you stop into your pro shop how about giving a 2nd glance at the Cleveland drivers. I promise you will not be let down with what this club is able to deliver. So find a Cleveland Dealer near you and try it yourself. When you start out-driving all your buddies and shooting better scores make sure to thank Cleveland for all their hard work. Don’t forget to FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER and LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK.


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