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Product Review: Mizuno JPX-825 Hybrids

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If you are in the market for a new hybrid or never thought about giving up that 3 iron then you need to check out the newest addition to the Mizuno family with the JPX-825 hybrids, available in a 2,3,4 and 5. I have tested the hybrid 3 in the stock Fujikura Orochi Blue Eye Hybrid Stiff Shaft for the past few weeks and be ready to add this to your bag this season. If the color scheme alone doesn’t sell you already then please keep reading because by the end of this post, I bet you head down to the local Golf Galaxy and give one a shot. BUY NOW

Product Details:

The JPX-825 Hybrids combine extreme forgiveness, easy launch, and straight trajectory into a balanced performance package that can benefit players of all skill levels. The square face JPX 825 Hybridangle, enlarged foot print, and optimized internal weighting deliver a set of hybrids that are easy to use, and deliver high golf shots that land soft.

By pairing a slightly oversized, but still clean and refined, head shape with an exotic “L” shaped Maraging Multi-thickness Face Design; the JPX-825 hybrids inspire confidence at address. The confidence combined with a thin crown and a thick-soled Stainless Steel body result in a club that launches high, flies straight, and travels far swing after swing. Additionally, a newly designed Speed Bevel sole ensures clean and consistent contact and turf interaction regardless of conditions. Lastly, through the use of Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT), the JPX-825 hybrids produce a powerful and solid sound at impact.

– Multi-thickness Hot Metal Face Design for maximum ball speeds and explosive distance.
– Ultimate Dynamic Stability (U.D.S.) internal weighting for high launch and lower spin.
– Speed Bevel Sole Design for ideal turf interaction.
– Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology™ (HIT) tuned for a solid, powerful sound at impact.

Product Review:

Look 10/10:

Mizuno JPX Hybrid

At first glance you can tell this has to be the best looking hybrid on the market. Mizuno went with a sleek black color with white and blue graphics. I personally believe the blue color they chose to compliment the dark black makes it look like an awesome muscle car paint job that should strike fear in its competitors. I give huge props to the department on creating not only a great looking club but one that shines among others on the market. One extra thing I think they did great job on was creating the headcover with the bright white/blue/black styling, which will look great in any bag.

The head is a bit smaller than other hybrids which is nice to shred the bulk but white scorelines on the black face make it look larger than it actually is compared to other brands. The face at address feels like even with an errant shot that will give you maximum forgiveness. I give the overall look of the Mizuno JPX-825 Hybrid a 10/10.

Feel 9/10:

JPX Hybrid

The phrase you might have seen coined all over the Internet, #Nothingfeelslikeamizuno couldn’t be further from the truth on the JPX-825 hybrids. I believe this has to be one of the best feeling hybrids I have hit in years. When starting to shop for hybrids, everyone says Adams is the only way to go. I’ve tried them but liked the feel of the Nike SQ and my Nike VRS better until I took the Mizuno JPX-825 3 hybrid for a spin on the range and course. I was also able to try the 4 hybrid at the Haggin Oaks Demo Day Expo this past weekend. Both preformed very well, and let’s just say the 3 hybrid has replaced my Nike in the golf bag moving forward.

The feel of the Mizuno is like no other and a true winner in my book. This club is easy to launch, looks great at address and gives any handicap player confidence when putting it into their hands. One of my favorite things about this hybrid is the high pitched ting sound that a really good baseball bat would make on solid contact of pure POWER! I give the overall feel rating a 9/10.

Distance 10/10:

JPX Hybrid

The development teams main objective on the Mizuno JPX club line was distance that could go really high and long with maximum ball speed. I believe they have gone above and beyond on accomplishing the goal they set out to achieve. The Maraging Multi-thickness Face Design could have been made from the metal of Thor’s hammer (BTW Don’t forget to see Iron Man 3 on Friday) because this thing hits bombs. I have seen this hybrid go easily 15-20 yards farther than others I have tried in the past.

The flight of the JPX-825 is perfect since it gets up and cuts through the air but doesn’t balloon up which prevents maximum distance. Mizuno has given golfers the opportunity to close that gap between woods and irons on distance control by having a hybrid that I believe will help any golfer see more distance. I give the overall distance rating a 10/10.

Workability/Adjustability 7/10:

JPX Hybrid

The Mizuno JPX-825 hybrid is extremely workable for players wanting to fade or draw the ball. With any woods/hybrids, there is always the concern of the dreaded snap hook but Mizuno has done a great job creating a club that delivers complete workability from the fairway or rough. The JPX hybrid is extremely forgiving for miss hits that gives golfers confidence to make any difficult shot from around the course.

One thing I would like Mizuno to look into adding would be adjustability options, which is becoming a huge trend in clubs. I believe adding the extra feature of letting players dial in a few different loft options would take this club to a whole different dimension.  Even without the adjustability option, I still give the workability/adjustability rating an 7/10.

Overall Rating 36/40:

Overall I am really impressed with what Mizuno has been able to deliver on its promise with the JPX-825 of creating a club that’s main objective was distance. This club does exactly what it set out to do, by giving any golfer confidence to make that tough shot without hesitation at address. They nailed the look by making one of the best looking clubs on the market that has maximum forgiveness and workability.

If you are in the market for a new hybrid, or a couple hybrids, I highly recommend giving Mizuno a shot. They have a real winner with the Mizuno JPX-825 hybrid models so go down to your local shop and give it a try. Also, don’t forget to get fitted by an authorized Mizuno Dealer so they can get you setup with a club that will enhance your game and take you to the next level! DON’T FORGET TO SIGNUP TO PLAY FAMOUSLY!


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