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Product Review: Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges


While checking out the new wedges on the market, I was able to test the Cleveland 588 RTX blade style wedges and the resultscleveland satin chrome 58 were remarkable. I tried the Cleveland 588 in the Satin Chrome finish in the following lofts and specifications:  52 degree (two dot), 56 degree (two dot) and 60 degree (two dot).

If you are a player that is seeking a club that will allow you to spin the hell out of the ball then you are in luck, and I would suggest you read the rest of this review. Golfers, be prepared to hit one of the best wedges I have played with in years and get ready to add a new family of clubs into your bag.

Product Details:

Welcome to the new face of spin. 588 RTX Wedges combine the legendary performance of 588 with added forgiveness and the breakthrough Rotex Face – Cleveland Golf’s most advanced spin technology ever.


cleveland RTX wedges


Developed closely with tour players, these U-Grooves are more precise and 16% larger to maximize spin on critical scoring shots – especially out of the rough, sand and in wet conditions.

ROUGHER, MORE DURABLE LASER MILLINGcleveland black rtx wedge

Advanced surface roughness technology is now more durable and dimensionally optimized for even more friction at impact. This helps generate even more spin on chips, pitches and partial shots from any lie.


Directionally milled face pattern adds roughness and imparts maximum spin on open-face wedge shots where impact tends to be closer to the toe.

Spin is generated by friction. The more friction there is between the ball and the clubface at impact, the more the ball spins. Having cleaner contact and a rougher surface on a wedge clubface increase friction. The Rotex Face on Cleveland Golf’s new 588 RTX wedges has three technologies that promote cleaner contact and add surface roughness.

Cleveland Golf’s proprietary Laser Milled technology increases surface roughness with four perfectly calibrated texture lines milled between each groove. But this only adds roughness in a uniform pattern, as shown in the graph above: The new 588 RTX wedges feature the new Rotex Face Pattern, a 3-inch circular pattern that is CNC milled across the entire clubface. By itself, it also increases surface roughness: When combined, the Rotex Face Pattern and Laser Milled technology create more surface roughness than any Cleveland Golf wedge ever: This unprecedented combination of surface roughness technologies provides more friction, helping generate more spin in the widest variety of conditions.

Product Review:

Look 8/10:

The look of the 588 is classic and has been around for a long time, making it a winner that hasn’t needed to be changed. This club looks great while addressing the ball especially in the blade style. The face of this club looks awesome with the Rotex circular grooves and milled face with larger grooves. I got the 588 RTX in a satin chrome finish but they are also available in black pearl for players that prefer the dark coloring compared to satin/chrome.

The classic look of the 588 never gets old and I give the overall Look an 8/10 rating.

Distance Control & Accuracy  9/10:

Distance control and accuracy is where this wedge shines giving players full control from 130 to a buried lie next to the green. I love how much control these wedges have, giving me the confidence to go after any pin on the course from any lie. They are incredibly impressive around the greens as well as out of the bunkers. I give the overall Distance Control & Accuracy a 9/10 rating.

cleveland rtx wedge

Feel 10/10:

Initially after giving the RTX 588 wedges a thorough testing on the range and course I was still a little hesitant since I have tested numerous brands of wedges throughout the year and nothing has felt better than my Cleveland Tour Action 900’s from when I played high school golf.

After taking the plastic off these bad boys and going through a large bucket of balls, I was unsure how I felt about the wedges. It wasn’t until the next day that the feeling of solid hits started coming through the grips. Now I feel that the RTX wedges have to be some of the best feeling wedges on the market.  These wedges slice through the turf with little effort giving a high ball flight that hits greens and spins like crazy. When striking the ball with these wedges you will have that softer feedback similar to a forged wedge that will allow you to dial in yardages from all over the course. I give the overall Feel a 10/10 rating.

Weighting 8/10:cleveland rtx sw

The weighting of the blade style 588 RTX that I tested feels great in your hands, more like a surgeon’s tool with maximum work-ability instead of a brick. I still believe that the Tour Action 900 was one of the perfectly weighted wedges but the 588 will not disappoint for any player looking to have a wedge that will get through tight lies to deep rough with no problems. I give the overall Weighting  8/10 rating.

Spin 10/10:

The combination of the larger grooves, laser milling and Rotex face will give you the maximum spin unlike anything on the market. With the USGA groove rule changes the manufacturers of wedges need to come up with innovative ideas to produce the same amount of spin. Cleveland is one of the leading companies in wedge manufacturing other than Mizuno and Titleist that are known as top-of-the-line wedge designers.

The 588 RTX wedges will let any golfer be able to spin the ball, back it up or check it on any green. Testing these wedges has to be some of the most fun I have ever had with wedges by backing these up all over the course. I believe that any golfers that put these in their cleveland rtx CB wedgehands will be able to enjoy pure spinability unlike anything you will find at your local golf store.

Overall Rating 45/50:

The overall performance of the New Cleveland 588 RTX wedges go above and beyond. They are so impressive that for the first time since 2000 that I have changed my wedges from my bag. The Tour Action 900 will still be one of my favorite wedges of all time but I finally have something that has blown me away enough to switch them out of the bag.

So if you are in the market for new wedges this season or never thought of trying something else then give the new Rotex wedges a try. I promise they will open your mind to a whole new experience. These wedges look, feel and perform above and beyond your expectations. Be ready to have one of the best experiences ever with how much spin you can put on any ball.

These wedges are worth every cent. Feel free to find your nearest dealer and give them a try yourself (DEALER LOCATOR LINK). 


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