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Steal Of The Day: Cleveland Classic 290 Driver $129


Today’s steal of the day comes from Great Golf Deals where you can get a new Cleveland Classic 290 driver for $129 instead of $299.99. Also it comes with $10 ground shipping.

Cleveland Classic Drivers – Retro look with 21st Century Technology

Awesome is the word that comes to mind when you see this driver with the classic look of a wood, that’s constructed of lightweight metals and new technology.

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The driver itself brings about a nostalgic feel when looking down at it, combined with amazing distance and consistency. Cleveland’s Classic Driver could easily be the driver getting all the buzz in 2012. Definitely have this on your list to try out.

The Cleveland 290 Classic Driver is the most advanced combination of style and performance in a titanium driver. The Classic 290 has a unique sole design and color scheme inspired by persimmon drivers. It has a pear-shaped profile with the largest, deepest club face ever produced by Cleveland Golf. The face promotes a hot, penetrating ball flight while MaxCOR2 technology provides maximum distance on off-center hits. The Classic 290 is engineered with Ultralite technology, helping players generate increased head speed and distance with the same swing effort. It’s also part of the RightWeight Fitting System – with an overall weight of 290 grams, the Classic 290 is ideal for a wide range of players seeking a strong combination of distance and accuracy.

Retro Look

  • Unique sole design and color scheme inspired by persimmon drivers
  • Traditional pear-shaped profile in a 460cc club head inspires confidence at address and allows for shot-shaping controlIncredibly Large, Deep Face
  • Largest and deepest club face ever produced by Cleveland Golf for largest effective hitting area and hot ball flight
  • Large face combined with MaxCOR2 technology provides maximum distance and forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Gold-colored trapezoid section in center of face enhances retro look and serves as alignment aidRightWeight Fitting System
  • Drivers with RightWeight Fitting are engineered for unique performance and optimal feel for every type of player
  • The Classic 290 has a total club weight of 290 grams. This helps generate increased club head speed for maximum distance with the same swing effortUltralite Technology
  • Classic 290 is among the lightest drivers on the market, helping players generate measurable increases in swing speed
  • Premium Miyazaki C. Kua 43 graphite shaft and Lamkin SuperLite 36g grip

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