Mizuno MP 64

Product Review: Mizuno MP-64 Irons

Mizuno MP 64

I have the great opportunity to test and review the greatest irons I have ever put into my hands. They are the Mizuno MP-64’s, or as I like to call them, the Samurai swords of golf clubs. If you truly want to get serious about your golf game then you need to save up and put some Mizuno clubs in your bag.  BUY NOW

Product Details:

The MP-64™ is the best feeling “player’s cavity” design that Mizuno has engineered. The full body Diamond Muscle design of the Grain Flow Forged® MP-64™ irons delivers increased forgiveness in the long irons and enhanced control in the scoring irons.

With feel and control as top priorities, Mizuno engineers relied heavily on the use of advanced simulation tools and input from Mizuno Staff Member Luke Donald in the development of the MP-64. Precise control of vibration frequencies through Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT) paired with the utilization of the highest quality material (1025E Pure Select) in Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process ensure that MP-64’s players cavity design delivers the ultimate in soft, solid, and consistent feel. Additionally, the Diamond Muscle pad flows with varied cavity depths throughout the set resulting in easy to launch, controllable long irons and pin seeking scoring irons. If you’re looking for the ultimate in shot making ability, look no further than the MP-64.

  • Flow Thickness Diamond Muscle Pad delivers optimized performance and perfect flow through the entire set.
  • Scientifically designed to optimize sound and feel at impact utilizing Modal Analysis software and Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT).
  • Patented Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mil carbon steel provides the ultimate in soft, solid and consistent feel.
  • Tour confirmed sole and a compact head size allow for the ultimate ability to alter shots, delivering more control.
  • Modified U-Grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.

Mizuno MP 64 Irons

Look  10/10:

Nothing in this world looks better than a set of brand new Mizuno irons and the blade look with a half cavity and thickness to the iron giving you confidence at address. When looking at the long irons, they did an outstanding job of giving a deeper cavity to give you the best playability that will ever be placed in your hands. No more of the extra-large, bulky cavities for beginner golfers, now there is a whole new weapon for 0-10 handicap players to take their game to a whole new level.

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The clean tapered sole gives you the ability to know it will slice through the turf like a Samurai sword. It is probably the best looking club on the market and I would like to challenge anyone to think otherwise. Opening them up and taking off the protective plastic, all you can see is the nicest looking chrome, better than any rims you would see on an Escalade. The face has a satin finish to prevent glare on sunny days for correct alignment before attacking pins. These clubs are easily the sexiest golf clubs you will ever see. I give the overall look a 10/10.

Distance Control & Accuracy  10/10:

After giving these irons a thorough testing on a few different ranges and courses, they are spot on by providing a perfect ball flight that cuts through the air and lands exactly the distance you need them to go. I still hit these irons the same distance as my TaylorMades but the secret weapon is that the MP-64’s are deadly accurate. The biggest issue with my game the past few years is knocking approach shots close and these look to be the solution to my problem. Compared to my TaylorMade irons, the MP-64 has increased my G.I.R percentage from a 65% to 78% after switching them out of my bag. I give the overall distance control and accuracy a 10/10.

Feel  10/10:

The feel of the MP-64’s deserves at least 10 headings on this review because there is nothing like the solid contact with one of these clubs. Being some of the easiest clubs I have ever hit, they did a great job of making an iron that gives you all the feedback you would ever need and the ability to adjust. It gives you the softest feeling but also lets you know when you have miss hits to better your game compared to a lot of irons on the market. So if you want the best feel playing irons on the market, than the Mizuno MP-64 is a true winner! I give the overall feel a 10/10.

Mizuno MP 64

Weighting  10/10:

Want a club that feels meaty at contact that isn’t bulky with a huge cavity? Want an iron that feels perfectly weighted that makes you feel confident to attack any pin on the golf course? Want an iron that feels like a blade but also gives you forgiveness? Well the MP-64 is the solution to your golfing dilemmas. The weighting of this iron is right behind the ball where you want it instead of a huge weight insert in the sole where you feel that a chili dip is coming the next time you swing. Back to the Samurai sword reference, this is a club that you can whip through impact effortlessly leaving you with a huge smile after the first hit. I give the overall weighting a 10/10.

Overall Rating  40/40:

I have never given a perfect score to anything I have reviewed in the past but Mizuno has hit the ball out of the park on the design of these golf clubs. The designer of the MP-64 deserves a raise, trip to Cancun and endless bottles of Cristal. I was first initially interested in the MP-59’s after trying them at Golf Galaxy and was blown away with that model, until I tried the MP-64’s.

I have now replaced my trusty TaylorMade irons for the Mizuno MP-64’s with the KBS Tour stiff shaft and promise they will be in my bag for the long haul. It is going to be a great summer of low scores and dropping approach shots all over greens. So if you are looking to improve your game and take it to the next level, then please go give these a try at the local Mizuno Dealer, get fitted and you can thank me in the future.

Also don’t ask for Samurai swords when purchasing these clubs because I am pretty sure that shaft option isn’t available.



Mizuno MP64

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