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Rangé Golf Balls with John O’Hurley

This video was sent to me and it is pure awesome. Especially for the person that loads their golf bag with Range balls before going out on the course. Go buy a sleeve for $3.99 by donating to the cause HERE to Sonoma County Children’s Charities.

SOURCE:  Youtube

Rangé Golf Balls with John O’Hurley

So C’mon America, Play Range’!
Why not own a box Range’ for yourself? This product and accompanying television commercial were specifically designed to raise money for The Charles Schulz Celebrity Golf event, a 501 C3 charitable organization that has already donated over $2,000,000 to The Boys & Girls Clubs and other children’s charities throughout Sonoma County California.

Click here to order Range ( http://www.scccharities.com/ )
for as little as $3.99!

Copyright Sonoma County Children’s Charities 2011

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