Steal Of The Day: ELECTRIC EG2.5 GOGGLES $75

CLICK HERE FOR THE DEAL AT GEARSLASHelectric-eg2.5-goggles-pixhell-bronze-silver-chrome

Today’s steal of the day comes from Gear Slash where you can save big on Electric goggles spending $75 instead of $160 on the EG2.5 snowboard goggles.
The Electric EG2.5 Goggles in Pixhell is designed with the essential more lens, less frame strategy. A top of the line goggle.Electric EG2.5 Goggle Features:

+ Ergonomic Frame Design
+ Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane Frame
+ 100% UV Protection
+ Oversized Dual Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
+ Super Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
+ Super A/R Coating Anti-Refle

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