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Product Review: New 2013 Nike ONE RZN and ONE RZN X Golf Balls

I received the Nike ONE RZN and ONE RZN X  from Nike to test and review and was nothing but impressed with both golf balls. So impressed I will be giving a sleeve of either of your choice. Please feel free to use the Sign up Form below and a random drawing will happen January 28, 2013 to select a winner. Giving you the opportunity to win a sleeve of your choice of the ONE RZN or the ONE RZN X before all your friends on February 1st!


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2013 Nike ONE RZN Golf Balls

Bomber Rating 7/10nike one rzn

The new Nike ONE RZN golf balls are a perfect choice for amateur golfers that are looking at ways to improve their overall game around the links. The ONE RZN is fairly long but directed more towards feel like the 20XI. I would put the ONE RZN in the same category as the Titleist NXT golf balls where you are looking for a ball that will preform at a good price. I was smashing the ONE RZN with a fairly consistent, straight ball flight. The average drive I had with the ONE RZN was around 310 yards in wet conditions. I would give the overall Bomber Rating of the ONE RZN a 7/10. Little bit less than the 20XI but still a great performing golf ball.

Approach Rating 8/10

The ONE RZN performs very well from the approach in just like the 20XI. Has good feel along with spin. These balls check up quick with good control. I would give the overall Approach Rating of the ONE RZN a 8/10.

Spin Rating 9/10

I was actually really impressed with how much spin you can put on this golf ball when trying it out on a few occasions. Playing with the ONE RZN on around 6 rounds I really like how fast you can get these to checkup or spin back 15 feet. So if you are looking for a ball that you can have full control of around the greens I would highly recommend the ONE RZN and give it an overall Spin Rating of 9/10.

Feel Rating 8/10

The feeling of the ONE RZN around the green feels great. Putting with my Nike Method putter I was able to have great distance control around the greens knocking all lag putts within 2 feet. Chips felt great along with a sneaky good ball out of the bunkers. I would give the overall Feel Rating of the ONE RZN a 8/10.

Overall Summary and Grade 32/40

When you are roaming the shelves at Golf Galaxy and looking what ball to put in your bag for an upcoming golf trip but don’t want to break the banks I would suggest giving the Nike ONE RZN a shot. If you prefer the Titleist NXT I say give the ONE RZN a shot and I bet it will change your mind about the swoosh.

2013 Nike ONE RZN X Golf Balls

Bomber Rating 9/10nike One rzn x

The ONE RZN X is just as long as the Nike 20XI-X when I took these bad boys to the course. Every drive I hit with my Nike VRS driver with the ONE X were in the 330+ yardage just like the 20XI-X. If you are looking for the long ball than the ONE RZN X is your weapon of choice that will not only allow you to hit monster drives past all our buddies but straight down the middle. I give the overall Bomber Rating of this ball a 9/10.

Approach Rating 7/10

The approach shots with the ONE RZN X is about average when hitting into greens. It checks up well but wasn’t able to knock it as tight as using the ONE RZN ball. I believe this ball still gives you the confidence to hit into tight flags and not worry about the distance control being off. I give the overall Approach Rating of 7/10.

Spin Rating 8/10

ONE RZN X is a champ when getting around the greens. If you really like to spin the ball than both the ONE RZN and RZN X is perfect for your game. They check up fast and RZN core feels just as good as the 20XI line so you still get that great technology in a cheaper model. I give the overall Spin Rating of an 8/10.

Feel Rating 7/10

The feel of the ONE RZN X is pretty good compared to other brands on the market in the $30 a dozen range. Only problem I had with the ONE RZN X is that I trashed a handful of covers not even hitting cart paths…etc, just from normal play. They feel good on the greens and would give an overall Feel Rating of 7/10.

Overall Summary and Grade 31/40

Comparing the new Nike ONE RZN and ONE RZN-X both have a lot of upside with minimum negative qualities especially for the price. If you are a die hard NXT fan I say give the new ONE RZN lines a chance and see how it stacks up to the balls you normally play. Go give them a try when they are launched February 1st.

Official Nike Press Release Below:

BEAVERTON, Ore. (, 2012) – Nike Golf utilizes innovative RZN technology to create revolutionary distance for amateurs with the ONE RZN golf ball.

ONE RZN is the latest edition to the RZN family, incorporating groundbreaking technology into a golf ball suitable for a wider range of players. ONE RZN features the same larger, softer RZN core found in the new Nike 20XI tour ball, but with a slightly different formulation. This formulation is dialed and designed for increased distance when it counts.

RZN replaces conventional rubber cores with a radical new game-changing material. RZN is a highly neutralized polymer that’s faster and lighter, engineered to produce longer distance and more controlled shots.

With tour proven results, Nike Golf ball engineers sought to enhance the already innovative RZN technology. Refining the formula to increase core size and performance, engineers worked to create an even faster engine for the new generation of golf balls. This larger, softer RZN core improves feel off all shots while maintaining driver distance.

“With ONE RZN, we are able to bring revolutionary advances in golf balls to a wider range of athletes,” said Rock Ishii, Nike Golf’s Product Development Director for golf balls.  “There’s not a product out there in this category of golf ball that has technology of this magnitude.”

ONE RZN will be available in two versions, ONE RZN and ONE RZN X.  With ONE RZN, players can expect to experience longer and straighter shots with softer feel on impact.  ONE RZN X will deliver longer, more penetrating shots by generating maximum velocity on impact.

Both versions of the ONE RZN will be available globally, February 1, 2013.

Availability:  February 1, 2013

MSRP:  $40.00

Street Price:  $29.99

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