Steal Of The Day: Head Fusion Rocka Snowboard $167

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Today’s steal of the day comes from The House where you can get a new Head Fusion Rocka Snowboard for $167 instead of $258 along with a FREE GIFT. Head makes a solid board and those who doubt the quality haven’t seen kids like Jared Elston (Head Team Rider)  rip harder than you could ever in your lifetime. Head can take a beating and stand up to some of the toughest conditions that gets put in your way.

The Fusion Rocka is that forgiving and evolutive rocker board that will give you the best out of your days on the slopes. A well-balanced responding board that you will handle with ease and get a lot of fun out of.
Key Features of the Head Fusion Rocka Snowboard:
•    Biaxial Cruiser Jacket Fiberglass: A glass weave laminate incorporated in HEAD snowboards. The Cruiser jacket provides a smooth effortless ride.
•    Edge DE-Tuning: Tip: 30mm from the contact point, 0,6mm x 45degrees Tail: 20mm from the contact point, 0,6mm x 45degrees (twin tip similar to tip)
•    Extruded Base: A fast and durable base with either solid color or high transparency for eye-atering graphics. Easy maintenance, solid performance.
•    Freestyle Twin: No matter which direction you are heading, you like to do your tricks switch and regular, being home in park and on rails.
•    Rocka Camber: The Rocka from Head is well, like a rocking chair rocker. This new design conveniently and automatically lifts the nose and the tail contact points of your board up and out of the way. Easy turns, no more catching your edge.
•    Select Core: Popular wood core from hand selected one-piece wood stringers.
•    Slick Grind10 Base Tuning: 10 cycles of grounding from the press to delivery: band –> cork –> fleece –> wax
•    Length (cm): 150, 153, 156, 159
•    Effective Edge (cm): 105 (150), 108 (153), 111 (156), 114 (159)
•    Waist Width (cm): 24 (150), 24.7 (153), 25 (156), 25.3 (159)
•    Sidecut (m): 7.5 (150), 7.7 (153), 7.8 (156), 7.9 (159)



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