Bataleon Fun Kink

Steal Of The Day: Bataleon “Fun Kink” Snowboard $221


Today’s steal of the day comes from where you can get a Bataleon Fun Kink Snowboard for $221 instead of $369.99. So if you’re looking for a new park board for a good deal than you are in luck!

If its a new season with new snow in your hood, who you gonna call? The Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard 2012, obviously. This board will literally make the exact same butters, jibs, and jumps you were doing last season way bigger, way more fun, and way more likely to impress. Bottom line, this board is as FUN as it gets. Plus with a soft, forgiving flex and Triple Base Tech™, the only edge you’ll be catching is a COMPETITIVE one, definitely on the snow and possibly with the aforementioned pretty girls, but that also depends on how many X’s are in the size of your… jacket.

  • Flex and Rider Style:  Flex Rating: (1stiff – 10 soft) 8 very soft and flexible. (Note: Bataleon operates of a flex rating, not measured by stiffness. A more flexible board will have a higher number rating associated with it.) // The Bataleon Fun.Kink features Freestyle TBT, which is Bataleon’s most all-around Triple Base Tech version. Fast edge to edge transitions, freestyle looseness and overall stability make this board optimal for a rider looking to go big in and out of the park, and a true twin shape on the base means you can stomp and ride out of hits without worrying about which direction you’re facing.
  • Construction and Core:  Tough Core is made with pressure bonded wood composite – very hard to break yet super flexible. This core was specifically designed to deliver soft wood flex without sacrificing strength.. // The Bi-ax laminate over and under the wood core create an easy flex with lots of feel // The Precise Pattern for binding placement is a 4×2/ 20 insert pack that enables you to put your bindings on with scientific precision
  • Shape:This board features a true twin shape, flex, evenly dispersed TBT base, as well as centered binding inserts.
  • Sidewalls, Edges and Base:  Extruded Base is easy to repair and can take
  • Tip Width:  286mm (148), 289mm (151), 293mm (154), 295mm (157), 299mm (160)
  • Waist Width:  245mm (148), 248mm (151), 251mm (154), 253mm (157), 256mm (160)
  • Tail Width:  286mm (148), 289mm (151), 293mm (154), 295mm (157), 299mm (160)
  • Ability Level:  Intermediate – Advanced
  • Core Material:  Wood (composite)
  • Effective Edge:  113cm (148), 114cm (151), 117cm (154), 118cm (157), 121cm (160)
  • Rocker Type:  Rocker/Flat/Rocker
  • Sidecut Radius:  7.45m (148), 7.6m (151), 7.75m (154), 7.85m (157), 8m (160)
  • Stance:  58cm (148), 58.5cm (151), 59cm (154), 59.5cm (157), 60cm (160)
  • Width:  Regular

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