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Steal Of The Day: 2012 Forum Manual $219


Today’s steal of the day comes from Grizzly Sports LLC where you can get a 2012 Forum Manual snowboard for $219 instead of $319. They also have a ton of other great deals on all your action sport needs. Go check them out and get yourself a new snowboard.

For the guys who accept no help and have that do-it-yourself mindset, the Forum Manual Snowboard should be top of the list. Whether out for a quick hustle on the streets or tag teaming the rail line in the park, let the ChillyDog with Pop rocker profile do the work before you relax into place and flex it out. With a FreeBase that is slick for easy waxing and protective of the core from banging and getting worked, the Manual is the shred stick that craves hard manual werk, getting down n dirty, strappin’ up and unloading on donkey dicks, big ol’ hips and booters of all kinds.

Rocker Type
ChillyDog with Pop – Featuring all the stability, predictability, and forgiving feel of Continuous Rocker, but with special focused Pop zones just outside of your stance. The core profile is matched with poppy sections in the nose and tail, and softness between the feet. Load up the increased surface area in the nose or tail for ridiculous ollie power when you need a little extra to get you up and over.
Flex Rating (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) – 3, a softer flex meant for the park, so you can pop, press, and jib with ease.
Swingers Club – The tip and tail of the wood core is shaved precisely to save weight without sacrificing durability. This makes the board spin faster and float with less effort when the snow beckons.
Bad Ass Core – Featured in Forum’s urban decks, this core is meant to take a beating. It’s strong and durable without adding weight, yet still maintains a lively ride. It is also beefed up under each foot with high strength-to-weight wood for better durability where you need it most.
Biax Laminate – A configuration to make any board smooth, forgiving, and fun to ride, this biax laminate is constructed with strands that crisscross at a 90-degree angle.
FreeBase – Waxes easy for speed, emphasizes die-cut graphics, and protects the core from getting worked on run-outs though the parking lot
Beveled Edges – No need to take that stone to your edges anymore, and forget catching your edge on that rusty rail or that rutted-out transition, this 3-degree slant will give you the confidence to stomp the double kink first try.
Binding Compatibility
2 x 4 insert pattern


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Rocker Type: Rocker
  • Width: Regular
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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