Shred Soles

So one of my favorite products for snowboarding in the past couple years has to be Shred Soles created by Nate Musson out of Montana. He has developed a great addition to any pair of boots needing more support. I currently have them in my thirtytwo JP Walker Pro Models and know the importance of proper insoles when dealing with my running shoes. Now you can have the same technology to promote better balance and stability right in your snowboard boots. Nate has a ton of experience in fitting boots and found a solution to make your time on the snow more enjoyable.

With having a knee that has gone under the knife 5 times I need to have boots that make sure everything is aligned to get through a hard day of riding and these have helped me tremendously along with being ridiculously comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to make their experience on the snow better.

The Shred Soles have been featured on AWSM, Transworld Snowboarding and Shayboarder.


Shred Sole Facts:insolefit

A: ShWedge™. Innovative ShWedge™ taper gives better performance by realigning ankles, knees, and hips to natural and balanced riding posture. Reduces stress on knees caused by wider stances.

B: Arch Support. DynArch is engineered specifically for snowboarding to maximize arch support and minimize strain and injury.

C: Heel Cup. Deep-well heel cup with firm high-riser sidewalls stabilizes heel and reduces friction from lateral foot movement.

D: Heel Plug. EVA heel plug absorbs shock. The plug passes through top and bottom surfaces for added support and cushioning.

E: Insole Base. Insole base is made of DuraShred™. Insole forms to your foot after extended wear. The material is odor inhibiting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal for better foot health and comfort.

F: Top Cover. Polyester top cover breathes to circulate air throughout boot with each foot motion. ShredTex™ fabric is odor inhibiting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal for better for health and comfort.

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