Empire Attire “Bringing Back American Jobs”

Empire Attire has created a campaign that I believe everyone should vote for and that is making stuff again in America. I recently came across this campaign by Simon Dumont and after looking into it more I’m proud to find people are finally starting to “get it” that we really don’t make anything anymore and have shipped all those jobs overseas. Creating products in America will not only help with the job growth in this country but will defiantly help the ski/snowboard industry after one of the worst snow seasons in 65 years. Just something little like this can hopefully start spreading to more companies around the United States and seeing the importance manufacturing is to our economy. So I wanted to thank you Simon Dumont for your leadership and hope people donate to the cause.

Below is all the information about the campaign provided from the indiegogo website.


Short Summary

It’s easy to watch what’s happening in American politics today and get fed up: with the government, with business people, with the system in general.  As we started paying more attention to what’s happening with America’s unemployment levels we started asking what we could do to help out.  The first question we asked was: what jobs are we outsourcing overseas that could be brought back home?

What we found out was truly inspiring.  It turns out, all those banners, hang tags, t shirts and hoodies that we’ve had printed in China can be done here for only a fraction more.  Same is true for the development and design of our packaging materials.  Using European and Asian partners to fill orders and distribute product for us is also unnecessary.  With a minimal investment in ONE American partner, we expect to bring between $30,000-$50,000 in annual service fees from overseas back to American soil.  No joke.

We’re inspired by these findings, and we wanted to ask for the public’s support on this initiative not only to help us cover this up-front investment, but also to help share this model with other companies, and inspire them to do the same.  If we sit around waiting for Uncle Sam to make American service providers more attractive, we could wait forever.  By directly supporting the partners we intend to work with, we can all make a little bit of difference in this economy.

You’ll notice that all of the rewards being offered in this program are heavily discounted.  The Roman Mitts at $25 are selling for $62 on our website right now.  The Head Skis at $350 are selling for $600 in stores.  These discounts are our contribution to you for backing this project, and to the country that brought us freedom fries and Super Man.  Take advantage of these rewards, and this remarkable opportunity to make a difference in our economy.

We’re a small company, but we make a strong effort to provide great gloves at reasonable prices.  We employ some of the best athletes in the world to help us test and develop gloves, and through that process have arrived at a truly remarkable product.

What We Need & What You Get

We need at least $25,000 to transition these jobs back home.  Some of this money will go as an investment directly to our new partner to help them retrofit their facitilites, and the rest will help us cover the costs of re-training our people and re-working our entire design and distribution processes.  The more money we raise, the less risky this campaign becomes, and the more sustainable the move back home.


If you’re not familiar with who Simon is yet, don’t be ashamed.  The world of pro skiers is a small world after all.  Simon has been trailblazing the sport of free-skiing for years now.  He’s one of the most decorated skiers in the sports, with numerous metals in events like X-Games, The Dew Tour, and many, many others.

This video showcases a recent feat of Simon’s on the slopes:


Suffice it to say, Simon needs his ski setup (head to toe) to be the best of the best in order to last in these cold harsh conditions.  Midway through his ski career, Simon realized that one part of his body was consistently under-served: his hands.

Simon has recruited a team of some of the best skiers in the world to represent the brand and help him figure out how to build a better glove.  He rounded the team out by bringing on expert advisers in business, in production, and in Marketing.  Today, Empire Attire employs a small team of full time employees in Boulder, CO and sells gloves in more than a dozen countries around the globe.  For more information about us, please check out our website here: www.empireattire.com.

Perks Explored

Our rewards are flexible.  If you want Simon to sign your gloves or skis consider it done.  Before any of this product ships we’ll send out a survey asking for size, color and other preferences.  During that time, you’ll be able to give us special instructions if you need anything else.  If you want to know if something is possible, just email us at info@empireattire.com and put “Kickstarter” in the subject line of the email.


Stickers- $2



T-Shirt Roulette- $8

T-Shirt Roulette


Hoodie Roulette- $18

Hoodie Roulette


The Pipe III Glove- $20

The Pipe III Glove


Roman Mitt or NY Glove- $25

Roman Mitt


NY Glove


Team Pipe Glove Tan- $28

Team Pipe Glove Tan

Women’s Winter Glove- $40

Women's Winter Glove

Pro Model Watch- $80

Pro Model Watch


Head’s Caddy Park Ski- $400

Head's Caddy Park Ski


Vip Pass to the Dumont Cup – $3000

Contact us for details.

Freeskier’s Training Package – $5000

Our best reward by far.  Contact us for more details.  Know that the video edit that you take home from this package will be produced by the same guys that brought you this movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_Epw88bEx4



As a company, the biggest challenge is knowing that we’re going to pay up to 15% more for these services by using a local partner. This is financially risky, but its a risk we’re willing to take to make this happen. We know that the quality of our products will improve with this move, and we hope to be able to absorb these additional costs without passing them on to consumers. At the end of the day, we hope that if our long term prices rise 5% we won’t get a backlash from the customers that make all of this possible. This is an experiment, and like all experiments, it faces some challenges and risks which are unpredictable. The more money we raise in this campaign, the less risky the investment. We’ve got a few people working for us that are working on sweat and tears right now. If we raise enough, we can boost their salaries too… can we say ‘stimulus bonus package’!!!???

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