Steal Of The Day: Lib Tech Pipe Nas Skis $279


Today’s Steal of the day comes from The-House where you can get a $600 dollar pair of skis for $279 along with a free gift.

Lib Tech Pipe Nas Skis are a handcrafted and a one of a kind pro riding piece of greatness. With the magna traction edge you can hold on to your speed going into the park, pipe or rail. This ski plows through unfriendly surfaces and is dead on stable when you come slapping back down to earth. The Lib-Tech park & pipe NAS can pretty much go anywhere without any complaints. This ski is like strong truck that does great doughnuts and some wheelies, but takes a steady hand on the wheel.

Key Features of the Lib Tech Pipe Nas Recurve Skis:

  • Tip-To-Tail camber
  • Magne-Traction
  • Bio sparkle beans topsheet
  • Waist Width(cm): 8.4 @ 166

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